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Sex, Extramarital affairs, Relationships, Marriage

6 basic reasons why women have extramarital affairs

Being in a marriage and seeking pleasure or companionship outside is not something a woman does just for fun.


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Agni, Murugan, Skanda Mata, Adi Shakti

Durga signifies the innermost power of consciousness

The goddess is forever taking shape within and around us as the creative and transformative force that is the essence of the cosmic life.


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Chemotherapy, Air Force, Cancer

This day, six months ago, cancer changed my life

News about cancer fatalities broke my heart. They also filled me with fear.


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Menstrual Hygiene Day, Health, Women, Menstrual cup

I'm a woman doctor and here's why I recommend the menstrual cup

Using it allows women to move past the taboos attached to periods and period blood.


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Child Abuse, Schools, Education, Child safety

How our children can protect themselves from predators

It’s okay to say no and even a three-year-old needs to know this.


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Soft Drinks, Coca cola, Pepsi, Virat Kohli

Soft drinks are bad for you: Virat Kohli is right to reject multi-crore deal

Most soft drinks are made of carbonated water (soda), sugar, and tonnes of chemicals such as heavy metal, preservatives, plastic, and pesticides.


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Delivery, Pregnancy, Postpartum depression, Motherhood

Mothers must talk about post delivery depression

Don't wait and think postnatal blues can just be wished away. One needs to attend to it before the damage becomes irreversible.


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Vitamins, Weight Loss, Calories, Nutrition

Why you should stop counting just calories on your plate

Try to spot how many good fats, vital vitamins and minerals and protein mass you can see in your plate instead of being calorie myopic.


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Millets, Bazaars, Organic produce, Naxalbari

The new generation has a different, healthy reason to know Naxalbari

The Sunday Market will be synonymous with a range of smartly packaged green teas that come with a history.