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Demonetisation, Narendra Modi, BJP, Assembly Polls

Why Delhi media is not telling you that BJP is going to lose elections

Modi cannot sweep away accumulated grievances and fears of the urban and rural poor and middle classes.


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Elections, Assembly Polls, Uttar Pradesh, BJP

How BJP’s ticket distribution gamble has come back to bite it in UP

There is a great degree of resentment in the party over the way tickets have been handed out to outsiders in lieu of locals.


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Akhilesh has won the 'cycle' from father Mulayam, but he has miles to pedal

The young CM needs to soothe his father's bruised ego before anything else.


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Trinamool Congress, Assembly Polls, Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal

Sad how West Bengal continues to languish under corrupt regimes

Trinamool was a change of regimen only on paper; it's run by the lumpen elements that previously manned CPM syndicates.


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123 and two half girlfriends

State elections confirm Lok Sabha trend: BJP is the new Congress nationally, but Congress is not yet even the old BJP.