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Violence, Bullying, Lynchings, Delhi schools

Why news of Class 5 student 'beaten' to death by classmates is worrying

Has the spectre of everyday public lynchings percolated to our schools and children's psyche?


 |  6-minute read
Facebook Safety Center, Social media trolls, Bullying, Parenting

How our children can be safe on social media

Just because the bullying is happening online doesn't mean that they should ignore it.


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Bullying, Medical colleges, Ragging

In the eyes of the law, ragging is as grave an offence as rape

Seniors ragging juniors is not a tradition, don't let it go unheard like they did in Kerala.


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Bullying, Family, Parenting

Are you bullying your child at home?

Ratna Vira's latest book delves into emotional abuse in families, an aspect that is hardly ever talked about.


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DPS Noida, Bullying, Ragging

DPS Noida ragging shows how a bully gets away and a victim is isolated

The tribe that is the school, with its culture of the herd, turns its back on the sufferer.


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Travel, Delhi Metro, Bullying

I was thrashed in Delhi Metro by an officer for defending someone

Who do I go to when I can't even trust the Delhi Police to talk about this?


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Films, Bombay Velvet, PK, Bullying

I am not ashamed of anything I have done

You are passing an opinion on me. You think you know who I am? So let me also give my opinion.