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Defence, Israel, Tel Aviv, Benjamin Netanyahu

Modi meets Netanyahu: India is finally looking at Israel as an ally

Despite developing close ties with Tel Aviv, previous governments had been reluctant to openly embrace ties with Israel.


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Defence, Nuclear, BrahMos, Aircraft

10 reasons why the Indian Rafale is evolution itself

The aircraft will deploy the in-development BrahMos NG missile in either a twin or single weapon load-out.


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India, Air Force, Navy, Army

India desperately needs a chief of defence staff

The need is to first decide on the rationale for creating joint commands.


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Defence, Women, Gender Equality

Why Indian women can excel in combat roles

When she battles at every stage of her life, why not at the border?


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Pakistan, Defence, Missile tests, Babur-III launch

How an Indian military expert sank Pakistan's 'fake nuclear missile test'

Islamabad used computer-generated imagery to fabricate a 'successful launch' of Babur-III.


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Border, Pakistan, China, Defence

How India can stop intrusions from China at the border

There is an acute need for a special cadre to administer the country's frontier, especially in the Himalayas.


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USA, Drones, Indian Army, Defence

America mustn't bully India into acquiring armed drones

Washington has once again set the ball rolling in trying to define the parameters of the new frontier in this technology.


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National security, Defence, Indian Army

India's security forces desperately need an overhaul

It is well-known that peace can be sustained with certainty only if the ability to conduct war is well-appreciated by the enemy.


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Defence, China, Indian Army, Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping taking over Chinese military has lessons for India

Where China has taken the issue of armed forces' reforms by the horns, India continues to be lackadaisical about it.


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Pakistan, Ashton Carter, Defence, India-US Ties

America sadly doesn't see India as a political equal

New Delhi has to cover more ground for Washington to start taking us more seriously.