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Ex-US Senator explains how US can help India deliver a devastating blow to China

[Book extract] America should decisively choose India and downgrade Pakistan.


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Defence deals, India-US Ties

The truth about US clearing over $600 billion to boost defence ties with India

America's policy on South Asia is under review but you can be sure, its focus will not be India, but Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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What Modi got from Trump on his US visit apart from bear hugs

Optics matter in diplomacy and chemistry between leaders establish terms of engagement.


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Modi-Trump meet was not really a success for India. This is why

It was a get-to-know-one-another kind of meeting between the current leaders of the two biggest democracies.


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Can Modi and Trump put democracy first, and not their egos?

Chants of ‘India First’ or ‘America First’ cannot be excuses to become a society of lynch mobs and institutionalised racism.


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Hindu Sena should do India a favour by performing havan for Modi-Trump meet

US president is as unpredictable in his meetings with world leaders as Indian PM is predictable.


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India-US Ties, Donald Trump, India-China Ties

Why India should embrace China, not Trump’s America in 2017

The only way New Delhi can counter the overwhelmingly close Sino-Pak relationship is by exploring the idea of a stronger Sino-Indian one.


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India must not have unrealistic expectations from Donald Trump

We have enjoyed good relations with the US under Barack Obama, but it is forgotten that the foundation for it was laid by the 123 Agreement.


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Where India stands to gain (and lose) under Trump's presidency

He may try to renegotiate existing business deals that include trade treaties with India as well.


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Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, India-US Ties

How Modi can use Trump to India's advantage

The Republican is expected to make a lot of changes that will affect India-US bilateral ties.