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Journalism, Sumitra Mahajan, Indian media

Lok Sabha Speaker asking media to ‘avoid unpleasant truth’ is anti-national

Sumitra Mahajan has no business advising journalists how to do their job.


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NDTV, Indian media, Donald Trump

Comey calls out NYT, CNN sacks hosts and NDTV is raided – A bad week for media

The CBI raid on NDTV has placed under scrutiny an issue that has festered since the go-go, scam-filled days of UPA-I.


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Press Freedom, Prannoy Roy, Indian media

The hypocrisy of the 'Freedom of the Press' campaign

Today, editors hand out assignments at open news meetings to journalists who have no qualms in doing what they are told to do.


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Indian media, CBI, Prannoy Roy, NDTV

Is the government muzzling the media: Rajdeep Sardesai speaks to DailyO

In a freewheeling conversation, the senior journalists says why he feels the media must turn its gaze inward as well.


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Indian media, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana state

Tough questions the media refuses to ask about Andhra politics

The government should stop slandering political opponents and focus on honouring pre-election commitments.


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Ethics, Journalists, Indian media

When Indian media blamed the Portuguese for a bridge collapse in Goa

Like any good data entry operator, the scribe is typing out whatever is being fed by the administration.


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Indian media, Eman Ahmed

From glory to PR nightmare: What the Eman Ahmed episode teaches us

There was utter disregard for the patient’s privacy in this case.


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Indian media, Social Media, Indian soldiers

Indian media using dead soldiers on social media to gain traction is disgusting

Playing on patriotism for easy traction is not in good faith.


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Communal Polarisation, Islam, Indian media, Indian Muslims

Media must desist from fanning anti-Muslim sentiments

Journalism is failing in its role of objective reporting and analysis and continues its job by rehashing tired narratives of 'radical Islam'.


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Indian media, Yogi Adityanath, Finance bill 2017

Media failed to cover Finance Bill because Parliament reportage is non-existent

This impending disaster was unfolding before our eyes and, surprisingly, nobody seemed to care.