|  Quantum Leap  |  3-minute read
Media, Coverage, Science news

Why we know so little of Indian scientific breakthroughs

Scientists and researchers must also learn how to communicate more effectively.


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Border dispute, Media, Indo-China, Doklam

Doklam standoff: If China wants to be a great power, it needs to behave like one

Like its substandard, counterfeit products, no one believes Chinese propaganda either.


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Media, Politics, Elections, Floods

Why do the devastating floods in Assam fail to sweep national headlines?

The people are struggling to stay afloat but the rest of the country either doesn't know or doesn't care.


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Human Shield, Kashmir, OROP, Media

Why it's important for media to be careful with Army's image

Unfortunately, NGOs and human rights groups today are found challenging certain actions of the military without understanding the actual problem.


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Journalism, Religion, Media

Why world urgently needs specialised journalism on religion

Globalisation warrants expert reporting on faith, not casual.


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Media, Army, Kashmir, Bipin Rawat

Why our armed forces need to talk to the media more often

Public support for military operations is critical to any war effort, especially so in democracies.


 |  7-minute read
Army, Hurriyat, Media, Militancy

Is the media distorting the reality in Kashmir?

Are our assumptions that the Valley is on the boil correct?


 |  6-minute read
Media, Nationalism, Modi government

Modi government's greatest trick: Hate the intellectual

Conformity is viewed as a sign of patriotism, while critical thinking is seen as tantamount to treachery.


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Media, Corruption charges, Financial impropriety, Indian politics

How many lies by politicians will it take to know they're not fighting corruption

It is only after a political authority has vacated his high office do his misdeeds come to the fore.