Nirbhaya Rape case



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Mumbai Police, Nirbhaya Rape case, Sexual harassment

How India didn't honour the duo who died saving a woman

Keenan and Reuben's killers were punished by the court, but have we woken up to the duty of protecting our daughters yet?


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Juvenile Justice Act, Nirbhaya Rape case, Constitution of India

Make study of the Constitution compulsory for Indian lawmakers

Ignorance of this ‘holy book’ often makes members of Parliament come up with the most lamentable comments.


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Nirbhaya Rape case, Jyoti Singh, December 16 gangrape, Juvenile Justice Bill

Juvenile Justice Amendment Bill passed by RS, stuck on Twitter

Offenders over 16 could be tried as adults for heinous crimes if so assessed by the board.


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Juvenile Justice Act, December 16 gangrape, Nirbhaya Rape case

Beastly juvenile rhyme of December 16 rape convict

The Supreme Court dismissed the petition filed by Delhi Commission for Women against the juvenile's release.


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Swati Maliwal, Juvenile Justice Act, DCW, Nirbhaya Rape case

Read how SC dismissed plea for extending December 16 juvenile's custody

The Delhi Commission for Women had filed a plea against the release of the convict in the Nirbhaya gang-rape case.


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Peshawar attack, Nirbhaya Rape case, December 16

How two tragedies of December 16 tie Pakistan and India together

Perfect tribute to Nirbhaya and Peshwar victims would be when the two nations end terrorism and violence against women.


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Nirbhaya Rape case, Sexual harassment, Rape

Why isn't rape of a minor horrifying us all?

Clearly, the young female body is a site of much violence and India's daughters are falling prey to a deeply misogynistic society.


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Nirbhaya Rape case, Rape, Independence Day

Ten excuses for rape in independent India

Our politicians never cease to amaze (ahem, shock) us with their pearls of wisdom.


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Leslee Udwin, Nirbhaya Rape case, Dec 16 Rape Case

How outrage over India's Daughter made Nirbhaya's suffering a footnote

It is time we asked the questions, but not because the BBC documentary prompted us to.