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Parliament, Taxes, GST

Draft GST laws ready for Parliament, but ‘money bill’ route is problematic

Rajya Sabha, in which the BJP does not have majority, cannot reject finance bills.


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Humour, Parliament, Uproar

Please cry, your Parliament can't take a joke

We have elected a lot of unparliamentary lumpens, communal creeps and criminal cretins to this august House.


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Manmohan Singh, Demonetisation, Parliament, Narendra Modi

Modi is the prime troll of India, his ‘raincoat’ jibe at Manmohan proves it

PM’s brand of cultish and churlish politics needs constant dose of shock and awe, not civilised legislative deliberation inside Parliament.


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Parliament, Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi must change the tone of his speech in Parliament

Rhetoric is for the masses; he was addressing parliamentarians.


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Demonetisation, Modi government, Rahul Gandhi, Parliament

How will Rahul Gandhi, the whistleblower, explain his meeting with Modi?

It remains to be seen if the Congress vice president can come up with explosive corruption charges against the PM.


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Modi government, Parliament, Rahul Gandhi, Congress

Rahul Gandhi's 'quake' to attack Modi on corruption could be a political hurricane

The Congress VP will have made a huge dent in the PM's incorruptible image.


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Congress, BJP, Demonetisation, Parliament

Parliamentary disruption over demonetisation is a waste of tax payer’s money

Our parliamentarians have wasted our hard earned money and continue to fail the parliamentary democracy.


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Parliament, Winter Session, Narendra Modi

If Parliament were an app, would PM Modi use it?

Fundamentally, it is his acute condescension towards a collective decision-making process that is responsible for his absence.


 |  6-minute read
British Raj, Parliament

Why India's legal and political systems 1,000 years ago were better

We should have gone for our own law books instead of copying from the British.