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Social Media, 1947, Partition, India-Pakistan

How a new platform is allowing Indians and Pakistanis to bond over Partition tales

Launched barely eight weeks ago, Bolti Khidki has already got over 6,000 online followers, whose numbers are growing by the day.


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Partition, Karl Marx, Indian Railways

How Gandhi, a judge and a right to lavatory changed the Indian Railways

They are a living testimony to the great heterogeneity of India — that nationalist politics chose to anoint with protests, sedition, armed struggle, and the bloodbath of the Partition.


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Bangladesh, Partition, India-Pakistan Relations

India versus Pakistan: How quickly we have forgotten that 'they' were once 'us'

It is not easy to navigate between watan, qaum and mulk and painful family histories.


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Partition, RSS, Muslims

My response to RSS ideologue on the Indian Muslim as a voter

The binary is the biggest threat to national integration.


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Partition, Radcliffe line, Cyril radcliffe, Conclave 17

Ram Madhvani reimagines Cyril Radcliffe, the man who partitioned India

‘This Bloody Line’ is a poignant and humanising take on the much reviled British bureaucrat charged with the most odious task of 20th century South Asian history.


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Operation Bluestar, Indira Gandhi, Partition, 1984 Anti Sikh Pogrom

When steel entered my soul: IAF veteran recounts 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom

[Book excerpt] From being a mild and passive individual, I was now ever ready to react with aggression. 1984 was the passage of innocence.


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Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan, Partition

What if Kashmir had remained an independent state?

Imagine the consequences implicit for New Delhi, Islamabad and Beijing with the supposedly free state wedged in between them?


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Uri attack, Partition, Pakistan

The ugly truth of Pakistan

It is not a nation but a conglomeration of contrary elements moving in different directions.


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Partition, Kashmir, Pakistan, Uri attack

Making sense of Pakistan's desperate quest to bleed India

The way things are going, especially after PM Narendra Modi's strong warning to Pakistan, the signs are ominous.