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Can Rahul Gandhi revive the Congress ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls?

Can the party provide the BJP with the contest Indian democracy needs? Not until it changes its dynastic DNA.


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As Gujarat elections near, India's Modi fatigue should make BJP press the panic button

Sick of the PM's bombastic style, people are finding the inarticulate Rahul Gandhi refreshing.


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Why Rahul Gandhi's Twitter handle is doing a better job at holding Modi to account than Rahul Gandhi

The 'revamped', snarky social media presence of the Congress vice-president is heartening, but electoral battlefield is a different ballgame.


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BJP is attacking Rahul Gandhi in Amethi for taking on Modi in Gujarat

The traditional political bastion of the Gandhi family has been the saffron party's biggest eyesore.


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Lord Ram, not economy, will help Modi win in 2019

To reach the comfort zone of 300-plus Lok Sabha seats, BJP must win big in Uttar Pardesh.


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Significance of Rahul Gandhi's 'elevation' as Congress president

The Gandhi scion is likely to take over as AICC chief by end of this month.


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Why I feel Rahul Gandhi is trying to imitate Modi

The Congress vice-president is visiting temples and making his speeches interactive to ensure an election win in Gujarat.


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Can Rahul Gandhi’s bullock cart yatra in Gujarat bolster Congress' chances?

Denied permission for open-jeep roadshow for his campaign in the election-bound western state, the INC VP showed political innovation.


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Why the lines between bombast Modi and dynast Rahul Gandhi have blurred

It’s a silver spoon in the mouth versus a golden spoon in the hand.