Rape Culture



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Delhi, Rape Culture, Crimes against Women

Image of gang-raped woman carrying dead body of her child in Metro will haunt us

The cold-blooded plotting to sexually assault the 19-year-old mother, the casual killing of an infant, expose a sickness.


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Bulandshahr gang rape, Rape Culture

Bulandshahr-Jewar highway tragedy shows gang rape, murder is a reality India can't escape now

Whether it’s Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh or ML Khattar-led Haryana, sexual assault and accompanying fatalities are becoming routine.


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Misogyny, Sexual assault, Women, India

India no longer feels sick about rapes

The same nation which saw outrage spill on to its streets over Nirbhaya can't even be bothered about Rohtak gangrape.


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Rape Culture, Gang Rape, Rohtak Gang Rape

What describing a stalker-murderer as a ‘jilted lover’ says about India's rape malaise

Despite death penalty in Nirbhaya case, there has been no end to the romanticisation of ghastly gendered crimes.


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Rape Culture, Sexual harassment, TVF

Sexual harassment charges against TVF founder show rape culture is the real viral fever

The accusations and subsequent testimonies from former employees expose how patriarchy and male entitlement fester in media start-ups.


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Rape Culture, Gurmehar Kaur

Rape threats to Gurmehar Kaur expose the worst of male trolling

When a man cannot beat a woman's mind, he wants to assault her body to teach her a lesson.


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Bangalore molestation, Women's safety, Rape Culture

Are we raising men who will eventually rape us?

Be it on a crowded street corner or a deserted highway. Or in the darkness of our own bedrooms.


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Castration, Rape Culture, Bangalore molestation

Once upon a time in Nidia, there was an emperor who made insane promises

One morning, the palace woke up to loud noises outside its giant gate, just off the well-guarded fortress.