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Why Modi government wants India to go 5G in 2020

It has allotted Rs 500 crore for research and development of the newer technology standard.


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Why Airtel TV app is not worth the trouble or the free data

Will dishing out stale bundled usage offers be enough to turn the app's future?


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Jio one year on: How telecom industry was shook up

From data to voice, and even carving out a new 'smartfeature' phone segment, Mukesh Ambani's company has had a profound impact in the past 12 months.


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How telecom operators plan to outwit Reliance's JioPhone move

After Idea, now Airtel is planning to counter the phone's threat with a Rs 2,500 4G smartphone.


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Why JioPhone with WhatsApp won't just crown Mukesh Ambani telecom king

The upcoming phone is reported to not support popular messaging platform, WhatsApp.


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4G war: It's Reliance JioPhone versus Idea's Rs 2,500 phone

The new affordable 4G feature phone would support apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.


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Why Reliance Jio is lagging behind in India's 4G speed race

Report claims Jio's average speeds are even slower than Airtel's outdated 3G network's - and India's is slower than even Pakistan's.


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Why the new Jio 4G feature phone is not exactly 'free'

You have to pay a Rs 1,500 deposit that you’ll get back only after 3 years.


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Launch of budget 4G phones shows Reliance Jio effect

The Aqua Lions 3 is the second 4G-VoLTE phone launched by Intex in a week.