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RAVI SHASTRI, Virat Kohli, Indian Cricket, MS Dhoni

Why Indian cricket team can't do without MS Dhoni

At the age of 36, he is as fit as any younger cricketer.


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As India takes on Australia, Virat Kohli should rely on wrist spinners

The captain believes wrist spinners provide a great deal of surprise element and are very reliable.


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Soft Drinks, Coca cola, Pepsi, Virat Kohli

Soft drinks are bad for you: Virat Kohli is right to reject multi-crore deal

Most soft drinks are made of carbonated water (soda), sugar, and tonnes of chemicals such as heavy metal, preservatives, plastic, and pesticides.


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Women, Virat Kohli, Mithali Raj

Why is it Indian culture for Virat Kohli to show skin but not Mithali Raj?

The women's cricket champion has been trolled for wearing a spaghetti-strap top.


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Ind Vs SL, ODIs, Virat Kohli

What it is like waking up with Virat Kohli

Just another one-day in the life of the Indian captain. And how he zones into it.


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Cricket, Virat Kohli, RAVI SHASTRI, Dhoni

Why Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri's praise is good news for Dhoni

Ahead of the 2019 World Cup, 'captain cool' has remained in the team purely on merit.


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Why India is obsessed with Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma relationship

Being a celebrity couple in today's age does not come with a preference for privacy.


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Anil Kumble, Cricket, BCCI, Virat Kohli

Why Virat Kohli is the hero India needs, but not the one it deserves

The country needs a toned down Kohli without compromising his game, a tolerant Kohli without losing his sheen.


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Virat Kohli, Zaheer Khan, Bharat Arun, Team India

Bharat Arun or Zaheer Khan: Will second best do for Team India?

It does not matter as long as the team wins and the rankings return your name in the top ten. But...


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Virat Kohli, Cricket, Coach, RAVI SHASTRI

Ravi Shastri named coach finally. Virat Kohli must keep his eyes on the ball now

The Indian skipper now has to deliver on all fronts to stay in the hot seat.