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Donald Trump, PM Narendra Modi

Can Modi convince Trump to rein in Pakistan?

PM and US President will clash on several issues including climate change and H1B visas for skilled workers.

Virat Kohli, Anil Kumble

Virat Kohli has dug a hole for himself

The Indian captain has angered cricket fans.

Examinations, Medical colleges, NEET

Supreme Court clearing way for NEET results is a historic intervention

About 12 lakh students can now breathe easy, though central government and CBSE must quickly clear up confusion.

Indian National Army, General Bipin Rawat, General

Army chief General Bipin Rawat is being unfairly targeted

When he says people must fear the Army, we shouldn't read between the lines.

Northeast, Beef Ban, Beef politics, BJP

BJP’s plan to win Northeast over is not going well

Beef ban and politics is drawing heat from various political quarters.

Congress, BJP, President of India

Who will PM Modi choose as the next President of India?

Given the electoral arithmetic, it's almost certain that the country's next president will be from the BJP camp.

Indian National Army

The induction of women into the combat arms of the Indian Army is welcome news

General Bipin Rawat’s declaration is proof that women can make the armed forces better.