Shraddha-like murder shocks East Delhi: Man's body chopped into 22 parts, stored in fridge

Amrutha PagadNovember 28, 2022 | 16:02 IST

As Shraddha Walkar's gruesome murder continues to horrify the country, another murder from Delhi has come to light bearing disturbing similarities to Shraddha's murder. A woman and son were arrested for murdering a man, chopping his body, storing the body parts in a fridge, and scattering them in different places. 

What happened? In June, Delhi Police had found unidentified body parts from East Delhi's Pandav Nagar. At the time, the victim's identity couldn't be established. 

  • A week ago, the Delhi Police sent the body parts for DNA analysis to determine whether they belonged to Shraddha Walkar, the murder which has gripped the country. 
  • However, the body parts did not turn out to be that of Shraddha. 
  • The body parts were finally identified as that of Anjan Das, a local resident, who had gone missing since June. However, Das's family had not filed any missing complaint. 
  • Later, Delhi Police arrested a woman and her son for the murder of Anjan Das and they confessed to the murder.  

The story: The accused woman, Poonam, was married to Anjan Das since 2017, after her second husband died of cancer. 

  • Anjan Das also was married earlier and had eight children in Bihar. Poonam said she wasn't aware of his other family.  
  • Poonam and Anjan's marriage went sour when she learned of his illicit affair. She also learned that he had sold off her jewellery and sent the money to his wife in Bihar. 
  • Poonam along with her son from a previous marriage, Deepak, hatched a plan to murder Anjan Das. Deepak said he agreed to the murder as Das reportedly harassed his wife. 
  • The mother-son duo first spiked Das's drink and slit his throat while he was unconscious. They reportedly left his body in the house for a day so that the blood could drain out. 
  • Anjan Das was reportedly killed sometime before June 5. 

  • They returned to chop up his body into 22 parts and stored them in their fridge. They later disposed off the body parts over several days. 
  • The woman and her son reportedly painted their house to get rid of the foul smell. 
  • When the police checked CCTV footage of the spot where the body parts were found, they found Deepak carrying a bag and Poonam walking behind him. 
  • The police have also seized the fridge. So far, police have recovered six body parts and are yet to recover the torso. 
  • A case has been registered under sections 302 (murder) and 201 (causing the disappearance of evidence and giving false information) of the IPC. 

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Delhi Police is also investigating the murder of Shraddha Walkar by her live-in partner Aftab Amin Poonwalla, which also has similar gruesome details. Aftab reportedly strangled Shraddha to death in May, chopped up her body into more than 30 pieces and scattered them across various locations in and around Delhi over several days, while storing the body parts in a fridge. 

Police are yet to recover Shraddha's body parts and the weapons used during the crime. 

Last updated: November 28, 2022 | 16:02
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