Viral video: Manipal University professor calls Muslim student 'terrorist', he hits back

DailyBiteNovember 28, 2022 | 15:27 IST

A Manipal University professor in the coastal Karnataka region has been suspended after a video went viral on social media where a student is seen to be arguing with him for allegedly calling him a ‘terrorist’.

The professor later apologised to the student and said that he said it in a funny manner and that the student is like his kid.

What happened: In the video, the student in the classroom asks the professor: “How can you pass such statements?” The teacher responds by saying that "you are like my son...and it was said in a funny manner."

The student says: “26/11 is not funny, being Muslim and facing such things in this country is not funny.”

Professor suspended: Manipal University has suspended th Professor after the video went viral on social media. "College administration has taken suitable action against the Professor and suspended him," University's PRO head SP Kar said.

Internal inquiry: Manipal University has ordered an internal inquiry on the issue and suspended the professor. Talking to India Today SP KKar, Director of Public Relation Manipal University said, "We condemn such kind of incidents, as we are an institute that believes in sarwa dharma ( equal respect to all religions ) and vasudhaiva kutumbam ( One world, one family). Appropriate action is being taken on this issue and we are doing the needful. Counselling is being given to the student, and the professor is being suspended from the college," he said

How the conversation started? The college didn't disclose preliminary information of how the conversation started and what triggered the professor to call him a terrorist.

"We don't know right now because the incident took place during one of his normal sessions, and it is challenging to trace the dialogue that led to this issue. Therefore, we have taken Suo Moto Action. The student is really anxious and because nobody has actually expected this. And we have no idea who recorded the video, etc. We were ensuring that the institution should run efficiently. Only the concerned professor may provide particular answers because the investigation is ongoing. We don't know how or when the video was taken, and the incident happened this past Friday," said SP Kar.

The confrontation: Teacher: You're just like my kid.

Boy: No, if a father's says like that it's on him. It's not funny. Being a Muslim and facing this everyday is not funny.

Teacher: You're just like my son.

Boy: No, will you talk like that to your son. Will you call him by name of terrorist? How can you call me like that infront of so many people? This is class, you're professional you're teaching. You can't call me that.

Teacher: Sorry

Boy: Sir sorry doesn't change how you think or portray yourself here

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