Who will win Bigg Boss 9's ticket to finale: Prince, Kishwer or greed?

Let's wait to see who sins first.

 |  2-minute read |   08-01-2016
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The Ticket to Finale task has kept housemates on their toes throughout this week. Wary contestants know that Bigg Boss has a surprise for them at each turn of the game. They are cautious of their actions and more aware than they have ever been in the game. After much violence and dirty politics, Mandana, Kishwar and Prince remained in the race for the Ticket to the Finale.

The day started with the morning alarm going off with the '90s hit, "Kya Karein, Kya Na Karein". The song was a subtle hint that Bigg Boss might put the contestants in a dilemma.

And soon after, we saw the three contenders being taken to the lawns and made to stand in a fenced space with three buzzers in front of them. The orders from Bigg Boss were: The first person to press the buzzer would be out of the race. And the one from the remaining two would have the option to take 6.36 lakhs and leave the house. The winner would get the ticket to the finale. However, the money taken by the evicted contestant would be deducted from the grand total.

Bigg Boss can be cruel with mind games, but little does Mr Bigg know that these are some of the most mentally and physically strong contestants in the house. And they know how to beat the game.

Mandana was the first to quit by pressing the buzzer. One to always take a calculated move; she knew she would be stuck in the task for hours and even days. She left Prince and Kishwer to deal with the dilemma and even saying that it would be interesting to see the "brother-sister" duo battle their loyalties for the game.

Priya, one of the most hated in the house, too had many a things to say about the race contenders. As she told Prince that she was his equal despite being a wild card entry and joining the game half way, she was schooled by Mandana in getting a reality check since no wild card entry ever wins the game. She was mostly shunned by the housemates and found solace in Rishabh, her only friend in the house and another wild card entry.

As Prince and Kishwer contemplated leaving together or staying till the end, Bigg Boss decided to tempt them by increasing the prize money to 8 lakhs. Kishwer refused to budge and Prince followed her. Other contestants decided to camp outside with the two in solidarity.

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. We will wait to see who will sin first and be out of the house a few lakhs richer.



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