When Bigg Boss 9 celebs ganged up against Mandana

Hell (more like sand) broke loose!

 |  2-minute read |   06-01-2016
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It is the race to the finale and a pretty ruthless one indeed. The groups have long dissolved and everybody is playing individually, even Rochelle and Keith, partners in reality, are competing against each other for a chance to win the game. After 87 days, we wouldn't expect anything else from the housemates.

Yesterday was a bright start for the contestants with Priya and Mandana screaming at the top of their voice. Priya accused Mandana of stealing a shawl of high sentimental value. Mandana apologised but Priya decided against forgiving her. Rishabh even went to the extent of calling Mandana a kleptomaniac, which then led to her shedding a bucket of tears and ruining everyone's morning.

Soon after, Bigg Boss announced a task. Each player was given a container full of sand. Their job was protect their sand and try to make it difficult for others to hold onto their containers.

cx9rholvaaaqvk__010616085720.jpg A still from Bigg Boss 9. (Courtesy: Twitter)

Trouble began when Kishwer, Prince, Rochelle ganged up against Mandana. Later, Rishabh joined them as well. This didn't go down too well with Priya, who generally speaks up against injustice. She decided to wreak havoc, jumping from one contestant to another, trying to distract them while emptying their containers.

Somewhere in between, the game turned violent. There was pushing and shoving; sand was thrown into each other's face along with a few punches here and there. And an angry Mandana went all out with rude gestures.

Priya was in the middle of every altercation and though ordered to step out of the game by supervisor Keith, she continued harassing her fellow housemates.

Last night, the contestants may have "changed" their hearts for each other, but the real test of their loyalties lies ahead. Tonight, competition will get tougher when there will be fewer containers, we will finally find out who actually has other's back and who is a hypocrite.


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