Sunny Leone shows Bigg Boss 9 a good time, while Rochelle kisses and flirts

The housemates too, without any inhibitions, goofed around with the 'Mastizaade' actor.

 |  2-minute read |   19-01-2016
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In traditional Bigg Boss style, the last week of the house was packed with lots of action. The excitement overflowed when the stunning Sunny Leone hijacked last night's show.

Sunny came into the house to promote her movie Mastizaade and ensured each of the homesick contestants had fun. The housemates too, without the fear of nominations or evictions, goofed around and had a ball.

At first, Sunny chose not to enter the house and instead have some fun behind the scenes. Rochelle was her first choice to carry out a series of undercover but highly entertaining tasks. Rochelle, who has always been a sport, took these up with great enthusiasm and performed each of the jobs with perfection.

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Her first task was simple. She had to go and kiss all the boys in the house, except Keith. As Rochelle kissed Prince and Rishabh on their cheeks, both of them were left slightly perplexed. The two lonely hearts wondered what on earth was happening, but nonetheless were glad that she did.

It was her second task that unnerved them. Sunny instructed Rochelle to flirt with the two. In the "honeytrap" laid down by her, the two boys were left confused as to why Rochelle would lead them on, ignoring her boyfriend.

In her third task, she was asked to confront and irritate Mandana. Perhaps, Sunny wanted to test her yoga "expertise" lately, as the Iranian beauty has been rather calm lately. It was difficult, but nonetheless manageable for Rochelle to irk Ms Karimi.

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The last two activities required Rochelle to start a pillow fight with Keith and bark in the middle of the sentences he spoke. No wonder, both of these tasks were performed effortlessly by the VJ.

All in all, Sunny's infectious energy really brought the Bigg Boss house alive. Further, she divided the contestants into two teams of boys versus girls. While the boys were required to perform on the stage with props, the girls were given a dirty car to clean. One is reminded of Cameron Diaz's car wash scene from Bad Teacher to understand what Sunny wanted. And that's exactly what we got!

Tonight, we can expect many more former contestants coming back into the house. And there awaits a blast from the past for Prince where he will have to confront his two lady loves - Yuvika and Nora.


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