Bigg Boss 9: Mandana-Prince's truce and the caged other two

Even in the final week, there isn't a dull moment in the house.

 |  2-minute read |   22-01-2016
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You may think that the Bigg Boss 9 house might feel empty with Priya and Keith gone. But, with four contestants left, it remains as noisy as it was since the first episode. Thanks to Mandana and Prince, there wasn't a dull moment in the house.

As the game's coming to a close, Mr Bigg is getting wicked every day. This time he offered any two of the final four housemates to leave the show.

No, they weren't being evicted. This was their moment in the sun to interact with their fans and urge them to vote for them.

Each contestant was given four test-tubes filled with a coloured elixir. The elixir was their ticket to get out and meet their fans. Whoever had the most amount in their tubes, at the end of the task, would be the winner. But here's was the catch. As soon as the buzzer went off, the contestant had to ring a bell and then take one of the tubes from one of the co-contestants and empty it, while giving a personal reason.

Of course, Mandana who has never cared for house tasks ever, didn't disappoint this time too. Prince, one of the most active out of the four, reached for the buzzer first and emptied Mandana's tube by giving the reason that she had a tendency of holding on to grudges.

Later, Mandana took her revenge by snatching away a plate of fruits that Prince was happily enjoying. This led to her tube being emptied yet again.

With her tubes empty, Prince's chose Rishabh as his next target. But as he couldn't cite any personal reason against the fellow reality TV actor, Rishabh swooped in and got back at Prince instead.


In the end, Rochelle and Rishabh won the task and saw themselves being escorted out of the house and into reality again. (Except they were initially blindfolded and kept in a cage.)


The hours that these two spent interacting with their fans meant a cruel punishment for Mandana and Prince who were stuck with each other's company.

The two who refused to see eye to eye, however, ended up talking, just like friends. They finally decided to set their differences aside and spend the remaining time at the house peacefully. Let's hope this isn't just lip service...


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