Bigg Boss 9: Of a lonely Prince and 'Baby'-less Kishwer

It was nice to see a more humane side of contestants.

 |  2-minute read |   04-01-2016
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A new year means a new beginning? Not for the Bigg Boss Season 9 contestants. Their New Year resolution seems to be holding onto past grudges and this seemed evident today when they had to make a confession in front of the Season 7 contestant Tanisha Mukherjee.

Last night's edition of Weekend ka Wow with Salman started with Bhai pulling Prince's leg. Now that wild card entry Nora is out of the house, the lovesick romeo of the house is feeling rather lonely. Without his lady love, Prince seemed rather dull and less his hyper-energised self. Words of comfort came from Salman who asked the ex-Roadie to adopt the mantra of the "next" in his life and move on.

The contestants then went to the activity area where they were required to confess a wrong committed by them inside the house to Tanisha. Viewers would remember Tanisha as a logical, sane voice in the Bigg Boss house. But, we are totally judging her choice in boyfriends (Armaan Malik).

It was nice to see a more humane side of contestants. Especially Mandana and Rishabh who decided to apologise for being cruel to their housemates. Rochelle surprised us all by mentioning that it may be the end of road for her relationship with Keith, as Keith was paying more attention to his friends in the house than her.

As a surprise, Bollywood's sweetheart, Juhi Chawla, joined the housemates to promote her movie Chalk and Duster where she plays a schoolteacher. To test the contestants' IQ, she threw a volley of questions at them.

Some were answered correctly but many had an "Alia Bhatt" moment. In one, where the contestants had to name Kareena Kapoor's greatgrandfather, everyone, took every name from the Kapoor family except Prithviraj Kapoor, giving Juhi Chawla a facepalm moment.

After her exit, Salman gave the news that there would be another eviction this week. Joining Nora outside the house, would be another housemate.

He further revealed that the evicted person was one half of the two couples inside. As Suyyash and Keith remained calm, Rochelle and Kishwer shed bucket-full of tears.

Finally, Suyyash exited the house. It will be interesting to see if Kishwer remains strong or will the "Cool Group" leader weaken without her "Baby".


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