Emily in Paris Season 2 trailer just dropped. 5 reasons we didn't need it

Emily in Paris is coming back on Netflix with Season 2 on December 22. Truth be told, we didn't need even Season 1, forget Season 2.

 |  4-minute read |   22-11-2021
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When Emily in Paris dropped last year, I had lots of hope from it. Who wouldn’t love to step into the shoes of a young girl-boss, making it big in PARIS, while rocking designer outfits and dreamy romance tales! It sounded just like the modern version of Sex and the City (for those who hate Sex and the City too, Emily in Paris stretches it a lot and then some more).

But millions like me were very wrong, dead wrong. Now, there's a Season 2 dropping in December. 

But first. The trailer. If you haven't seen it, here you go:

Here are 5 reasons why I hate Emily in Paris and believe we don’t need another season of the same (groan):


The protagonist of any story is like a vessel for viewers to step into and imagine themselves as the main character. I definitely don't want to imagine myself as the insufferable Emily. Even actor Lily Collins agrees that Emily is annoying. 

Emily comes off as an ignorant, arrogant, ‘my-way-is-the-high-way’ sort of a person. She is dismissive of the entire French culture, is really bad at social media (some posts might get her into legal and ethical trouble) despite the show trying to convince us otherwise, and a know-it-all at the workplace. And the worst part – she betrays one of the best characters in the show – Camille.

Camille befriends Emily when she has no friends (other than Mindy), helps her understand the French culture, and helps her in her profession. But in the end, all Emily does is sleep with Camille’s boyfriend. Perhaps it would be a treat if viewers got a ‘Camille in Paris’ spin-off.


It was a fashion treat to watch characters in Sex and the City dressing up to the nines; even if Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe expenses on a freelance writer’s income seemed way too unconvincing. But Emily’s wardrobe, though it is everything money can buy, just doesn’t hit the fashion mark.

I’m no expert on fashion. But even if I had the budget to dress like Emily, I wouldn’t. It just seems like a bunch of clothes randomly thrown on the actor. Here's YouTuber Mina Le explaining it to you:


Emily brazenly brushes off the French and European culture of just not doing anything. The show glamorises being a workaholic, that it is the 'American way', to always be engaged in a job and swear by the corporate commandments (someday we would want Emily in Delhi, and it would put all her workaholism to shame, tbh).

Quoting entertainment writer Joshua Rivera from the Verge, “Nearly all of Emily’s waking hours are consumed by her job, and her job isn’t about helping people succeed, it’s about helping brands. Her plucky American go-getter attitude means every romantic night or friendly getaway is an impromptu pitch meeting waiting to happen, every glimpse of Parisian charm is an opportunity to bolster her social media following, and every friendship another bit of networking.”

What’s next: glamorising sleeping with bosses to get the work done? No, Emily is way too feminist for that.


I have never been to Paris. But even an average viewer from anywhere in the world can tell that the portrayal of the City of Love is VERY touristy. I’m not watching a French tourism video, nor is the plot about a vacation. So, when Emily set up residence in Paris for a year or two, I expected to see beyond the Eiffel-cafe-florists Paris.


The makers of Emily in Paris, and the actor and producer of the show Lily Collins said all the issues pointed out in Season 1 are addressed in Season 2. And we hope so. But, the Season 2 trailer shows the same self-absorbed Emily. And all the other characters in the show are only there for her, going 'Emily this' and 'Emily that'. Even Emily's love interests don't get to speak in the trailer.

If Season 2 doesn't have any major character development for beloved Emily and a little meat on the other characters, it would be just another cringe-worthy show. 

That's what I think. Now, of course, you might love Emily in Paris, and have your own reasons for doing so. Tell us about them in the comments.


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