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Ten ways to spot you’re watching a film based in Bengal (inspired by Kahaani 2)

It's easy to observe.

 |  Rough Cut  |  1-minute read |   04-12-2016
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1. The man will always wear a torn half-sleeved undershirt.

2. The woman will always wear a batik kaftan after bathing and her hair will be wrapped in a towel.

3. All frying will be done in an aluminium pan.

4. All Vs will be pronounced as Bs.

5. Every Bengali who speaks Hindi will get the genders mixed up.

6. There will be only RD Burman or Kishore Kumar playing on the radio.


7. There will be at least one reference to Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali. In Kahaani 2, it is the name of Vidya Balan’s character, Durga Rani Singh, based on the mother in Pather Panchali.

8. The mother will always be fierce. Almost obsessive in her love. Whether it is Mrs Dewan’s blind love for Mohit or Durga’s for Mini.

9. The height of exotic will be a walk through Kolkata’s China Town or a trip to Kalimpong/Darjeeling.

10. The main character will always be shown buying a small box of mishti on his or her way home.

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