27 thoughts I had while watching Meenakshi Sundareshwar

Meenakshi Sundareshwar showcases a long-distance marriage and is the first of its kind in Indian cinema. Here are 27 thoughts I had while watching this movie.

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Netflix's new original movie, Meenakshi Sundareshwar tells the story of a newlywed couple who manoeuvre their way around a long-distance relationship. Starring Sanya Malhotra as Meenakshi and Abhimanyu Dassani as Sundareshwar, the movie is set in Madurai. Meenakshi Sundareshwar has received mixed reactions for its potrayal of South India and Tamil Brahmins.

So, what is Meenakshi Sundareshwar really like? Here are some - 27, to be precise - thoughts I had while watching the movie. 

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: If you have seen Meenakshi Sundareshwar or don't plan on seeing it, read on. If you haven't and plan on seeing it, come back later.

Meenakshi Sundareshwar. Photo: Netflix IndiaMeenakshi Sundareshwar. Photo: Netflix India

1. So we're starting off with Meenakshi's family. She's extroverted, fun-loving and has 'strong ambitions'. Nice to see a confident female lead. #Feminism

2. Sundareshwar is potrayed as a typical 'Nice Guy'. Shy, not very confident, a bit of a pushover, lacks initative-taking skills. His dad clearly does not think being an engineer amounts to anything. Is this dad even Indian?

3. Both families are now meeting each other. Sundar is armed with a magic coin and Meenakshi with her ability to diffuse awkwardness (a very necessary trait in this extremely uncomfortable family meeting). Also, for the first time in Indian history, the tutor is more eager to teach his student, Rasu (Sundar's nephew), than the family is. 

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4. Both Meenakshi and Sundar are unemployed. Honestly, this meet-up goes against the very institution of arranged marriages. 

5. There is a toss happening between Meenakshi and Sundar. Thank God Virat Kohli is not present here. 

6. Surprise Surprise, Sundar does not watch movies and Meenakshi loves Rajinikanth. Sundar also doesn't read. Why is this meeting still on? 

7. Okay, so there is an explanation for this dysfunctionality: both these families weren't supposed to meet each other. I feel relief. Although, why is nobody WhatsApping each other?

8. In a very classic move, Grandpa has announced that this very dsyfunctional pair is going to get married. I sense a red flag. 

9. After watching innumerable Ekta Kapoor serials, I feel there is an upcoming potential rift between Meenakshi and the Sundar's grandma.

10. Sundar is preparing for a job interview on his wedding night and by the way, is clueless in bed. I mean... poor Meenakshi!

11. The movie has finally picked up pace and Sundar is now at an interview for a comapny in Bangalore. The company only hires 'non-married' people for maximum work output. #Capitalism.

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12. Okay hold on. So Sundar asks the guy next to him (later roommate), Sai Kumar about the 'bachelors-only' policy and the CEO throws Sai Kumar out of the orientation. I am straight up not liking this CEO. 

13. Introducing Ananthan, Meenakshi's college friend who has more chemistry with her than Sundar. Why didn't Meenakshi marry him? (The only possible reason I can come up with is because Sundar is about 6 feet in height?)

14. I am living for this indirect R Madhavan cameo. Also, new drinking trick: sip and shake.

15. This CEO gives me the creeps. Who gets a haircut in front of all his employess and immediately tells his employees to develop an application?

16. Sundar has finally told Meenakshi this absurd bachelors-only rule. Meenakshi, being the very understanding wife she is, responds by being supportive and encourages Sundar to continue with the job. 

17. Massive number of selfies are being shared between Sundar and Meenakshi. Does this guy even work?

18. In another classic move, Sundar has now adopted the 'the sadder you sound, the happier she will feel' philosophy which is now leading to Sundar constantly lying to Meenakshi. I can sense all of Bollywood shaking its head and screaming from behind the camera to not do so. 

19. Meenakshi and Sundar decide to engage in role play for intimacy (which, btw, is absolutely missing). This police-criminal themed activity never actually does what it is supposed to; and instead, the both of them get caught by Sundar's family and end up having a VERY uncomfortable conversation with them. Major Lust Stories flashback. North or South, there really is no privacy in Indian joint families. 

20. Side note, why is this movie not ending?

21. Meenakshi finally gets a job but in true patriachial fashion, Sundar's dad tells her to not join the firm but instead teach Rasu (if you don't remember Rasu, go back to Point No. 3). 

22. Sundar's lies blow up in his face when Meenakshi visits Bangalore for Sundar's birthday and sees him partying. #PleaseLeaveSundar. Sundar's father insists on seeing what work Sundar does and overhears a conversation between Sundar and the CEO where to no one's surprise, the CEO is praising Sundar and all is well between father and son. That was easy.

23. Meenakshi is extremely upset with Sundar (which I totally support), and they are having major issues. I say this again, #PleaseLeaveSundar. 

24. YES, SHOWDOWN! Sundar's grandma wants to buy the same sari that Ananthan has chosen to gift Meenakshi to ask her to join his tea business. Ananthan refuses to let go of the sari which angers Grandma. When Ananthan gifts the sari and asks Meenakshi to join the business, she agrees. In an evening pooja, she wears the sari and Grandma recognises it. When Meenakshi tells her dad-in-law about her new job, he says no, AGAIN, and understandably, Meenakshi loses her temper and yells at both Sundar's dad and Grandma. 

25. Meenakshi has finally taken control of her life and has returned to her own house and is working at the tea plantation. Honestly, good for her. 

26. Sai Kumar finally enacts his revenge by calling Meenakshi on the day of the application presentation, which leads to a huge fight between Meenakshi and Sundar, and then Sundar and the CEO. After some introspection, Sundar tells the CEO that he is leaving the job and deservedly, lectures him.  

27. They reunite at a Rajini movie. *So unpredictable*.


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