Did your favourite celebrity understand the Met Gala 2022 assignment?

The Met Gala 2022 brought the best and worst of fashion. Here are 15 celebrities that understood the assignment and others that completely failed.

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The Met Gala 2022 finally took place on May 2….and onlookers got to see a lot of fashion on the carpet. This year’s dress theme was Gilded Glamour and the exhibit was titled "In America: An Anthology of Fashion".

While notable names such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Beyonce and Ariana Grande were missing from the Met carpet, other attendees arrived at the carpet with some interesting interpretations of Gilded Age fashion. A common accessory that most celebrities wore was a tiara. 

Here are 15 celebrities that understood the assignment and others that completely failed to:


Hosts for the evening, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds understood and executed the assignment perfectly.

Lively was seen in an Atelier Versace bronze gown that quickly turned into an aged bronze look atop the carpet. Her gown paid homage to the Statue of Liberty, the architecture of the Empire State Building and the twelve zodiac constellations on her gown were a tribute to the roof of the New York's Grand Central Station. Her gown was a perfect mix of glitz, glamour and Golden Age elements.

Reynolds wore a peak lapel tuxedo, a core element of Gilded Age fashion. The couple’s entire look made me want to send a thank you card for their interpretation.

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Katy Perry is known to ace Met Gala looks (remember her chandelier look?) but she seemed to have missed the mark this year. The singer wore a sheer black gown from Oscar de la Renta.

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Maybe choose another gown next year?


Not once has Riz Ahmed failed to understand his fashion assignment and this time too, he proved his genius. The Gilded Age wasn’t just about the opulence and diamonds but also about the influx of immigrants into New York City, who contributed towards making the city memorable for future generations.

Ahmed represented the great class disparity during the Gilded Age by dressing as an immigrant. He wore an undone navy blue jacket from immigrant designer 4S Designs and wore a white tank top underneath along with matching loose, drawstring pants tucked into knee-high black leather boots.

For his jewellery, Ahmed told Vogue, that his Cartier necklace was an inspiration from India and that his outfit was “a homage to the immigrant workers who kept the Gilded Age going”.



Why would you wear Marilyn Monroe’s iconic 1962 ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ dress to a Gilded Age themed event? The Gilded Age was from the 1870s to 1900s and a gown from 1962 doesn’t bring the appropriate elements to the carpet.

To say the world was disappointed to see no gloves, feather, ruffles, corset or bustle or full skirt in Kim’s look is may be the understatement of the century.

While Kim looked incredible, especially with the platinum hair bun, hopefully she’ll keep this gown aside for a 60s-themed Met Gala party. And for Pete Davidson, it may be time for him to buy new suits in different colours.

Can’t imagine Marilyn being too happy with this look.


While the older Jenner sister served a look, the younger Jenner completely missed the mark. Kendall wore a custom Prada gown with a full skirt and a sheer top. The model was able to perfectly bring elements from the Gilded Age and the 21st century together. Although, I had expected her gown to have more glitz.

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Kylie wore an Off-White wedding dress-crop top gown for the carpet. She wore the gown to honour designer and friend Virgil Abloh, who was meant to walk the 2020 Met carpet with her.

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This gown has now become a strong contender in my 2022 Halloween costume list. (seriously what is it with that cap and veil?)


Both the Kardashian sisters completely failed to serve any look at the Met carpet. Kourtney walked the carpet with fiancé/husband (I have no idea what their marital status really is now) Travis Barker in what I can only describe as gown made by combining different fabrics. That’s it. That’s all I can say.

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Khloe did try to bring the glitz and glamour in a Moschino gown but failed to understand the Gilded Age guidebook. The gloves aren’t enough, Khloe.

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This is all I can say about the sisters’ outfits:


Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney looked like Gilded Age angel in a white Tory Burch gown.

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The skirt combined with corset bodice looked perfect on Sweeney, although I wished for gloves on this outfit.


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Shawn Mendes gave major Prince Eric from Ariel vibes and I am definitely here for it. The Tommy Hilfiger navy blue suit gave Shawn a distinct look among attendees and the gold buttons on his coat were the perfect amount of Gilded Age glitz.


The Bridgerton and Derry Girls star looked incredible on the Met carpet. Nicola wore a black and pink gown, covered in subtle feathers with balloon sleeves. The black cape on her outfit also added just enough glamour in her Gilded Age outfit.


Is it weird that I wanted to see Simone in a Gilded Age Bridgerton-Indian outfit? While she did serve some Bridgerton with the golden black corset outfit by Moschino, the Gilded Age and Indian elements just weren’t there.

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Maybe take some advice from Riz next time?


Gigi Hadid wore a red puffer coat-catsuit combination outfit from Versace. While Versace described the puffer coat as a modern interpretation of coats from the late 1800s, no amount of explanation can justify  the latex pants, especially, since latex pants were not a part of Gilded Age fashion.

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Versace said that the puffer coat-corset catsuit combination was inspired by the volume and dramatic change in womenswear silhouettes of late 1800s. While modern day interpretation was expected of the attendees, maybe stick to the theme next time?


Like Riz Ahmed, Natasha Poonawalla also brought Indian elemenst to the Met carpet. Executive Director of the Serum Institute of India and popular socialite, Natasha wore a Sabyasachi sari combined with a Schiaparelli hand-forged metal bustier.

Natasha also wore curated custom jewellery from Sabyasachi Fine Jewellery and limited edition collectibles from Sabyasachi’s Curiosity Art & Antiquity Project. While some may say that Natasha’s look was unconventional, she did bring the Gilded Age glitz and glamour to the Met carpet.


The Empire State of Mind singer wore an embellished version of the New York City skyline on her Ralph Lauren cape for the Met.

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Alicia’s look accurately represented the industrialisation and technological advancement the city had during the Gilded Age while also being glitzy enough.


The Happier Than Ever singer wore a custom upcycled Gucci duchesse satin corseted gown for the carpet.

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Her choker and corset flower have struck a chord with Gilded Age fashion enthusiasts and fans have been calling Billie’s interpretation ‘the only one who understood the assignment’.


Marvel’s Oscar Issac arrived at the Met carpet in a Thom Browne 3-ply mohair white tie and tails trompe l'oeil tailored dress along with wife, Elvira Lind who wore a black 3-ply mohair tailcoat with classic tailored trousers along with a white double breasted vest, white pique wing tip collar and a matching bow tie.

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Even though the couple cross-dressed for the Met Gala, both were on-point with the white tie theme.

By the way, just in case if you missed out Twitter boss Elon Musk was also at the Met Gala. Check out this video of him that has gone viral of him, you guessed it, on Twitter: 

Special mention to David Harbour‘s top hat #Authentic

And now that we are done with this list, I will be returning to seeing gorgeous photos of Blake and Ryan.


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