Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistan flag: What does the controversial star's 'Dhara 370' pose mean for India-Pak?

This is also the only time in the recent past that we've seen Indians and Pakistanis agree on something.

 |  3-minute read |   09-05-2019
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There are two kinds of people on this planet. First, those who avoid human interaction — who will probably lower their heads and look away if they spot you approaching from afar. Second, those who crave attention in all forms.

And then, there's Rakhi Sawant.

No, let’s not call her 'controversy’s child' for poor Rakhi Sawant isn’t seeking controversy. Trust us — controversies come looking for her!

Case in point: Some of her recent Instagram posts.

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I love my india 🇮🇳 but its my character in the film 🎥 dhara 370

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The dancer, actor, ex-politician and India’s answer to a Donald Trump-level of madness, shared some stills and behind-the-scenes videos from the sets of her film, Dhara 370. Rakhi Sawant explained that her character in the film is a Pakistani girl, who just happens to find herself in a belly-dance sequence in the film — hence the jiggly, jingly costume.

The film, co-starring Hiten Tejwani — whom you might remember from his recent sting videos that went viral — will see Rakhi Sawant apparently as a benevolent Pakistani who helps Kashmiri Indians brainwashed into terrorism and turned into jihadis.

But that’s her screen character. As far as Rakhi Sawant herself is concerned, she is an Indian at heart.

Guys, that’s the most important point here — let’s not overlook that.

While several of those photographs had a Pakistani flag in the background, clearly used as a prop to reinforce the Pakistani-ness of the character and the Pakistani-ness of the land they're thumping around — one particular picture of Rakhi has ruffled many a feather.

rakhi_050919022108.jpgA Rare Occasion: When India and Pakistan feel the same way. (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

Rakhi is seen wearing the Pakistan flag around her torso like a dupatta. And how dare she, right?

Like one Instagram user said, “Paise ki khatir dushman mulk ka jhannda sine se laga lengi? (Will you hug your enemy nation’s flag for money?)”

Some even suggested she get Pakistani citizenship — “You are suitable for Pakistani citizenship ms Rakhi ‘Pakistani’ Sawant!” — while others straightaway decided to unfollow her.

Indians were not the only ones outraged. One Pakistani Instagrammer said, "Humare Flag se duur rhoo. Tmhri shakl aur auqat nh k humar flag ko dilse lagao! (Stay away from our flag. Your face and pedigree doesn't permit you to use our flag!)

So, Indians want to send her away — but Pakistanis don't want her either? Height of confusion! 

At the risk of sounding insensitive, let’s just admit that both Rakhi and her mad fans perhaps deserve each other — it's truly a match made in social media heaven. Neither seem able to control their emotions, and with the outpouring of feelings, basic grammar also goes for a toss. Whatever the language may be — Hindi, English or the language of the heart!

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Anyone looking for a breather in-between heavy political analysis on the Internet should just go into the comments section of Rakhi Sawant's official Instagram page — and grab the popcorn on the way.

Of course, at this point, it's futile to reason with trolls about how this is just acting, it's make-believe! Just like people who play doctors on screen are not really doctors, they're just acting, characters who play Pakistanis on screen are not really 'anti-national'.

But then, our hands were full with the tub of popcorn v and we forgot to carry the two hoots we meant to give initially.

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