Demonetisation of 500/1,000 notes: Why it's time to switch to plastic money

India Today's Devina Gupta on how to avoid the chaos.

 |  1-minute read |   10-11-2016
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Modi’s surgical strike on black money has caused a lot of things: overwhelming Modi-love on the social media, criticism about intersectional oppression and of course a series of inane and, honestly, ridiculous set of rumours. The best one among those superlative gossips are about a “microchip” in the new currency that "detects black money".

A viral hoax, spread through toxic "family WhatsApp groups by weird sanghi uncles", claims that these new Rs 2,000 notes are embedded with “Nano-GPS Chips” (NGC) which provide the precise location of the currency in order to allow every note to be tracked.

These super awesome chips are, in fact, so powerful, they can send a signal even if they are kept buried 120 meters below the ground. These revolutionary chips will help identify if too many of these notes are kept in one place and alert the relevant authorities.

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The author is principal correspondent and news anchor, India Today

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