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Story Posted on 17-02-2015


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Zakia Jafri, Gulbarg Society, Narendra Modi, Gujarat riots 2002

Teesta Setalvad tries to come clean on the Gulberg Society funds case

The activist claims that Citizens for Justice and Peace is being targeted for its legal fight for the victims of the Gujarat riots.


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Church Vandalism, Christians, Narendra Modi, Religious Intolerance

Modi supporter does U-turn after resignation drama goes kaput

It is hard to be a hard-line Hindutva bigot as Modi himself condemned bigotry at a Christian function.


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Ad War, India-Pakistan, World Cup 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015: Have you seen Pakistan's video against India?

Neighbouring country does its best to remind India that they are better than them in cricket.


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Article 370, RSS, Ram Madhav, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed

BJP's dangerous liaison in J&K

Will the RSS be able to look the Jammu voter in the eye in whose name the BJP seeks to share power with the PDP?


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Narendra Modi, Religious Intolerance

What Modi's speech means to us, the Christian community

His speech reiterated how his government will take necessary action to provide every citizen equality before law.


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Amish Tripathi, Shiva Trilogy, Maha Shivaratri

Shiva Trilogy author Amish Tripathi celebrates Maha Shivaratri on Twitter

Millions of devotees across the country celebrated the festival believed to mark the wedding of Shiva and Parvati.


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Narendra Modi, Greenpeace, Teesta Setalvad

By attacking activists and NGOs, India is becoming more like China

One hopes the Supreme Court will not be swayed by anti-activist opinions when it takes up the hearing of Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand.


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Dating apps, Homosexuality

Ten expressions you will only hear on a gay app

Even criminals have their codes. And since we, the burgeoning homosexual community in India, are still criminals in the eyes of the law, here are ours.


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Air India

Will this viral video teach Air India to treat its passengers better?

The video shows Air India staff refusing entry to passengers with valid tickets because they had reached 55 minutes before the flight departure.


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Ghar Wapsi, Christanity, Religious Freedom, Barack Obama

Making sense of Modi's church pe charcha

As far as Hindu extremism is concerned, PM Modi is part of the problem. His success has made the Hindu Right believe that hate pays.