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Story Posted on 07-03-2015


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Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Arvind Kejriwal, AAP

AAP has been a quick disappointment

Fortunately, the muffler is beginning to unravel, showing the real power-hungry side of the MufflerMan and his mob.

Leslee Udwin, Nirbhaya Rape case, Dec 16 Rape Case

Why people want action against Nirbhaya's defence lawyers

In the film "India's Daughter" the defence advocate ML Sharma has at one point said that there is no place for women in Indian culture.


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Malala Yousafzai, Avijit Roy, Nirbhaya Rape case, Dec 16 Rape Case

Hey Delhi, why are you not out with the candles?

Are we saying the city's conscience only bleeds when incidents happen within the NCR?


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Leslee Udwin, Nirbhaya Rape case, Dec 16 Rape Case

India's Daughter: Five takeaways from watching the documentary

When foreigners such as Leslee Udwin deviate and talk about India's modern day problems, we lose our cool and react violently.


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Women's Day

Happy Women's Day to the women in my life

You must know on this special occasion (and every other day) that you're amazing, an inspiration, and basically, utterly rock this planet.


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Agra, Films

Sole searching: Documentary on Agra shoe industry is a must watch

Atul Sabharwal's "In Their Shoes" is truly personal as it makes the viewer live the joys, despair and hope of reliving the glory days of the very lives it explores.


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Arun Jaitley, Taxation, Budget 2015

Why government should withdraw tax exemptions allowed to companies

Besides getting government more revenues, it will make tax structure more equitable for all companies.


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Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh

Pawan Kalyan bats for farmers, irks Chandrababu Naidu

This does not do any good to the TDP chief's image because he ends up coming across as someone who is forcing farmers to part with their land.


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Leslee Udwin, Nirbhaya Rape case, Dec 16 Rape Case

India's Daughter is India's shame, but why won't Udwin say so?

The question of why she chose to include December 16 rapist Mukesh's despicable statements in the documentary is worth investigating.