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Story Posted on 11-04-2015


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VogueEmpower, Deepika Padukone, MyChoice, Feminism

Feminism of the better haves

It is not about class, wealth, society, community, or even education levels. It's this common longing for a set of freedoms for ourselves.


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BJP government, Narendra Modi

Modi's minimum governance, maximum government

The prime minister's actions are surprisingly no different from the 'mai baap sarkar' model patented by the Congress.

Chennai Super Kings, IPL 8

[Leaked] IPL 8: Video of Dhoni with CSK cheering before the match goes viral

Trigger warning: video contains coarse language. Only for Chennai Super Kings fans.


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BJP, Congress, Beef Ban

Beef ban debate has wrong end of the steak

The debate should be about how to make slaughter cleaner, quicker, and as painless as possible.

All India Bakchod, Net Neutrality

[Watch] Save the Internet: AIB tells you how serious net neutrality is

The stand-up comics tell you all about the latest attack on the web in India.


 |  Panditry  |  6-minute read
Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmiri Pandits

The irony of love and longing for Kashmiri Pandits

Those who ran an anti-KP pogrom are setting terms for our return.


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Pollution, Delhi, Environment

Welcome to Delhi's air, sulphur dioxide

A simple solution to the oxygen-depleted air could be increasing public transport.


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Congress, Robert Vadra

Why Robert Vadra is thrilled he won't be battered by the media

Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law claims relief that his security detail is being withdrawn finally.


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Marathi film row, Air India, Shobhaa De

Everything you wanted to know about Indian uncle and aunty

Recently used for Shobhaa De and an Air India pilot, the terms had negative connotations.


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Shobhaa De, Marathi film row

Marathi film row: Writers should have stood up for Shobhaa De

Writers are an uncertain celebrity in this era of high visibility, and arguably most are quite content with the cloak of anonymity.