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Story Posted on 28-04-2015


 |  3-minute read
IGate, Capgemini, Business

iGate’s sell off to Capgemini: Art of letting go

Many Indian businessmen have sold family silver or part of it at good valuations, as the iGate promoters have.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake: Why two brave mountaineers decided to stay back at Everest base camp

Samir Patham and Sauraj Jhingan were on an expedition to summit Mount Everest when the earthquake took place. Instead of turning back, they decided to help out with the rescue efforts. (Story begins in the video at 6:03.)

Drone Footage, Nepal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake: Exclusive drone visuals of the devastation and rescue efforts

Footage from an unmanned aerial vehicle shows the full impact of the natural disaster.


 |  Growing Pangs  |  4-minute read
Literature, Farming, Children's Books

Learn to grow: Why children must read books on farmers

It’s important that these stories go beyond outdated nursery rhymes, especially for kids, who are naturally curious about where their food comes from.


 |  Sunny Side Down  |  4-minute read
K Chandrasekhara Rao, Telangana

Can KCR realise his cherished dream of Bangaru Telangana?

It is not all about gold reserves, K Chandrasekhara Rao also wants to light up the faces of residents with smiles and happiness.


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Avalanche, Himalayas, Drone Footage, Nepal Earthquake

Nepal earthquake: Damage to heritage sites caught by drone

The colossal impact of Saturday’s 7.8 magnitude tremor is immeasurable.


 |  7-minute read
CPI(M), Bengal politics, Sitaram Yechury

Can Sitaram Yechury save the Left – from itself?

The Left’s rhetoric fails to resonate except in pockets in Kerala, Tripura and (decreasingly) West Bengal.


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Viral Video, The Avengers

[Hilarious] What if The Avengers were from south India?

New video by Put Chutney explores what if Hulk was from Hyderabad? Or the Black Widow from Chennai? Or if Iron Man was from Kerala?

Tibet, Nepal Earthquake

[Watch] Nepal earthquake: More terrifying footage from Tibet

Phone video taken in Gyirong County, which borders Nepal, has emerged of the moment the devastating tremor struck.


 |  RIGHT Foot Forward  |  4-minute read
Mamata Banerjee, Modi government, Kolkata municipal polls

TMC sweeps Kolkata: Tale of Didi (Mamata), Dada (Pranab Mukherjee) and (Modi) Bhai

The Kolkata municipal polls show that BJP government's performance has failed to inspire Mamata Banerjee's bastion.