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Story Posted on 28-05-2015


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Epified, Life and Death, Salvation, Karma

Is it possible to get freedom from life and death?

Epified's new video offers a brief account of how Karmic cycles affect a soul's longer journey across eternity.

Sophie Scott, Neuroscience, Laughter, TED Talk

Why we laugh

In this TED Talk, cognitive neuroscientist Sophie Scott shares some surprising facts about laughter through the lens of science.


 |  11-minute read
Modi1, Saal Ek Shuruaat Anek, Modi government

The year that was: Modi opens up on ten controversial issues

Excerpted from prime minister's interview with the Press Trust of India.


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Tripura, Human Rights, Supreme Court, AFSPA

Murderous AFSPA: Tripura not enough. SC must act now

Judicial immunity to atrocities must be halted.

Life, Sorrow, Melancholy

[Beautiful] In Defence of Melancholy

It is one of the most beautiful words there is; and yet it’s strangely neglected as a concept. It deserves to be rediscovered as the best way to deal with an often sad and crazy world.


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Congress Party, BJP, Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

When Manmohan met Modi: Who took whose class?

Is Rahul Gandhi trying to downplay former prime minister's May 27 public relations disaster?


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Class 12 results, Class 10 results, Board Exams

10 things to do if you have scored low in Class 10 or 12

Don't let the so-called poor marks keep you down - they are not the end of life.


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Cyber crime, Pornography, Sunny Leone

Can India get over the fact that Sunny Leone was a porn star?

The actor was slapped with an obscenity charge for her past work on adult videos.


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Can Xiaomi knock Samsung-Apple out of the smartphone market?

What budget phones nowadays give are more than enough for most consumers.


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Gay stigma, Conversion therapy, Homosexuality

Doctors who claim they can cure gays need shock therapy

The Mail Today sting on 'conversion therapy' to cure homosexuality brought to light the hideously substandard quality of medical practitioners in India.