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Story Posted on 13-06-2015


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Bollywood, Twitter, Social Media

Will you stop bullying Salman and Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter?

It's ironic that some people don't want to hear the opinions of celebrities, which is what the medium is meant for.


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What it is like living with ISIS in your backyard

Within days of arriving in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the fighters managed to establish psychological control over the population.


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AAP, Arvind Kejriwal, Jitender Tomar, Fake Degree

AAP's problems are deeper than Jitender Tomar's fake degree

The Arvind Kejriwal-led party prefers to have a perception of moral high ground and victimhood in hand rather than facts.


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Gajendra Chauhan, FTII

Why are FTII students up in arms over 'Yudhishthir' famed Gajendra Chauhan's appointment?

The 'Mahabharat' actor's link with the ruling BJP has not gone down well with the students of the reknowned institute in Pune.

Chennai, Viral Video

How to spot a person from Chennai

This video by Rascalas shows us that the secret lies in the hand gestures.

Women, Bra, Viral Video

How to pair bras with clothes

Secrets from Intimate Britney Spears collection.


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Narendra Modi, Women Empowerment

Can Modi show he cares about women?

A ministry that needs gender-balanced policies is Manohar Parrikar's ministry of defence.


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Sexist Remark, Tim Hunt, DistractinglySexy

#DistractinglySexy? When lab boys get naughty

Male scientists such as Tim Hunt fall in love with you, make you cry, ensure they get the Nobel Prize and not you.


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AAP, Delhi Police, Jitender Tomar

What Jitender Tomar's arrest says about cops carrying out illegal orders

It's their duty to follow the law, irrespective of the consequences.