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Story Posted on 16-06-2015


 |  6-minute read
Islam, Gujarat riots, International Yoga Day, Muslims

Seven ways Modi's changed his relationship with Muslims

He has taken affirmative steps in the past one year which indicate he is very consciously building the image of a secular leader.


 |  3-minute read
First gay matrimonial ad, Harish Nair

How gay matrimonial helped me find a match but not the one

Though my mother's inbox was flooded with 'applications', I got a glimpse of just how many are living with a stone in their chests.

International Yoga Day, Narendra Modi, Yoga

Modi's guru on why you must do yoga

Dr HR Nagendra tells us how we should experience the NaMo asana.


 |  Hello, Health  |  3-minute read
Maggi ban, Instant Noodles, Maggi

Three reasons why Maggi row is healthy for us

Refined food needs to be weaned from our diet, not thrown out.

Progress, Life, Technology

Are humans the sex organs of technology?

At some point we need to stop and ask who are we doing all this for.


 |  1-minute read
Alcohol, Men, Women

Ten hilarious things women who drink are thinking about their dates

Who'd have thought?


 |  4-minute read
Narendra Modi, Secularism, Communalism, Muslims

How Modi's finally learning to embrace Muslims

But unless government acts against the hate mongers, PM's initiatives would appear hollow and offer occasions for mere photo-ops.


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Alcohol, Men, Women

Ten things MCPs think when women drink

Creeps will be creeps.


 |  3-minute read
Homosexuality, Lesbians, Anouk ad, Unfreedom

Why did India say yes to lesbian ad and no to lesbian film?

Nudity and strong religious narrative made the film 'Unfreedom' ill-suited for Indians.


 |  4-minute read
Police, Mumbai, Gender Equality, Drunk driving

Drunk women don’t leave Bombay looking so good

'Woman' cannot be a call for affirmative action and a defence to a crime in the same breath. It cannot be both sword and shield.