Story Posted on 30-07-2015


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Capital punishment, APJ Abdul Kalam, Yakub Memon

An Adarsh Muslim reflects on Yakub's hanging

A cold-blooded terrorist planting bombs cannot be compared with few hot-headed people killing in the heat of the moment.


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Dawood Ibrahim, Mumbai blasts 1993, Yakub Memon

The death penalty argument is going off the rails

Some of the arguments in favour of the abolition got carried away and lost sight of the purpose and end to which they were being made.


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ISIS, Taliban, Terrorism, Mullah Omar

How Mullah Omar’s death strengthens ISIS to target India

His exit even as a nominal head would further weaken Taliban’s dwindling popular support. We can expect more of their cadres to defect to the Islamic State in the coming months.


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Yakub Memon hanging

Who were the 257 people killed by the Memons?

Those who batted for Yakub were sympathising with the conspirators who had no feelings for the victims of 1993 Mumbai bombings.


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KPS Gill, Terrorism, Punjab police, Gurdaspur Attack

Gurdaspur attack: This is how India should strike terrorists

The Punjab police led by DGP Sumedh Singh Saini and SP Baljeet Singh, who lost his life, followed the tradition established by KPS Gill, of leading from the front.


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Pratibha Patil, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam

Why Congress has no right to shed tears for Kalam

The party's choice of a less-deserving Pratibha Patil as the former president's successor reeked of political vendetta.


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Taliban, Pakistan, ISIS

Why ISIS planning to attack India report is false

It is highly unlikely that the Taliban will join hands with the Islamic State.


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Sangeet natak akademi, Raja reddy, APJ Abdul Kalam

Blessed to have performed for APJ Abdul Kalam

He was not just a great scientist but also a great man.


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Dawood Ibrahim, 1993 Mumbai Blasts, Yakub Memon

A terrorist hanged, a hero born

On the streets Yakub Memon now has fans. How to make a martyr 101.