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Story Posted on 03-10-2015


 |  7-minute read
Religious Intolerance, Dadri Murder, Media

Does the media want to start a war in India?

In the last few months we have seen too many examples of media sensationalism, all so pointedly one-sided.


 |  5-minute read
Mahatma Gandhi, Beef, Dadri Murder

An open letter to Mahatma Gandhi

You won India's freedom but you lost the war on tolerance.


 |  The Pulp Pit  |  3-minute read
Aarushi Talwar, Meghna Gulzar, Talvar

Talvar shows Bollywood is afraid to handle the truth

If the Meghna Gulzar-directed film was sold as a film about the Noida double murders, why did she have to change names?


 |  4-minute read
Education, Culture

Modern India owes a lot to Annie Besant

Theosophical Society of India's founder sought to create a new educational approach that honoured India's spiritual and cultural traditions.


 |  3-minute read
Indian Constitution, Beef, Dadri Murder

Beef, Hindutva and bigotry: Constitution has no place for it

This ban is not principled but opportunist.


 |  Clean Chit Corner  |  3-minute read
Hindutva, Dadri Murder, Beef Ban, Narendra Modi

Modiji, now I know what Swachh Bharat really means

It is because of secular liberals’ philosophy of my-mouth-my-stomach-my-food-choice that we are in this present moral chaos.


 |  Between the Lines  |  3-minute read
Muslims, Beef, Dadri Murder

Should I be worried for the Muslim family in my neighbourhood?

How can a two-day-old rumour make people turn their back on the family which was one of them for years?


 |  Breaking Views  |  1-minute read
Mahatma Gandhi, Beef, Dadri Murder

'Beef' lynching: Murdering Gandhi's India

What happened in Dadri only goes to show that there's an air of toxic hate being in the country and some of our politicians are to blame for this.


 |  3-minute read
Dadri Murder, Mark Zuckerberg, Digital India

Why Facebook needs a 'ban' button in Digital India

Ahead of his visit, Mark Zuckerberg must consider embedding religious intolerance on world's largest social network.


 |  Know Your Enemy  |  5-minute read
Hardik Patel, Somnath Bharti, Bhagat Singh

How not to remember Bhagat Singh

The only heartening thing about this historic relationship we have with the Shaheed's ghost is the consistency of what we throw at him.