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Story Posted on 09-11-2015


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Nitish Kumar, Amit Shah, Bihar polls, Narendra Modi

BJP desperately needs a Nag Mani

May be the party needs a Bhairav Baba too.


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Bihar polls, Nitish Kumar, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi

5 reasons why Modi lost Bihar

There will now be more resistance to the arbitrary commands from the Union government.


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Polarisation, Gujarat, Narendra Modi, Bihar polls

Bihar is not Gujarat: How Modi-Amit Shah misread 2014 verdict

It was the model of growth not polarisation that won BJP the Lok Sabha election.


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Mahagathbandhan, Nitish Kumar, Bihar polls

How Bihar stayed true to its claim of being the world's oldest democracy

As early as 600 BC, the Licchavis elected their leaders.


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Jungle Raj, Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Bihar polls

Mahagathbandhan's win has made my worst nightmare come true

The Biharis would only pray that Nitish is able to rein in the anti-social elements which neither Lalu nor his wife Rabri Devi could do in their stints.


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Mahagatbandhan, NDA, Bihar Elections

Beyond Bihar: The rocky road to 2019

The takeaway for PM Modi is clear: be liberal on social and cultural issues, not just on the economy.


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Women, Sexual harassment, Feminism

Sick and tired of 'not-a-feminist' women

The choices you have are the ones you are allowed.


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Polarisation, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Bihar polls

The Bihar election was about branding versus rhetoric

The poll results have shown that no old formula like polarisation and caste divide alone will guarantee success any more.


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IPL Spot-fixing, BCCI, Shashank manohar, N Srinivasan

Shashank Manohar has restored BCCI's credibility by ousting Srinivasan

People need to think the board can reform itself rather than the judiciary having to force its hand.


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Maggi ban, Nestle, Maggi

Can Maggi win back India's confidence?

The instant noodle from Nestle is not the first food brand in this country to have faced a tough time.