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Story Posted on 02-12-2015


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Chennai Floods, Chennai Rains

Why floods will always terrify me

I can only pray for Chennai for I know how long it will take for the city to stand up again.


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Parliament, Congress, RSS, Constitution

Constitution needs protection from both Congress and BJP/RSS

While one had imposed Emergency, the other had refused to respect the country's supreme law and national flag.


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Floods, Chennai Rains, Chennai Floods, Chennai

#ChennaiFloods: One map to help you navigate waterlogged roads

People in the city are coming up with crowdfunded projects to help the stranded population


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Tamil Nadu Floods, Chennai Rains

#ChennaiFloods: Who needs mainstream media when you have social media?

The internet was flooded with photos and offers of help that spoke volumes of the resilience of a battered city.


 |  She Says  |  3-minute read
Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, Chennai Floods

How Twitter transformed itself during #ChennaiFloods for me

The metamorphosis of the micro-blogging website from a rant-outlet to a help-outlet is what restores my faith.


 |  Shapeshifter  |  3-minute read
Serena Williams, Amy Schumer, Fran Lebowitz, 2016 Pirelli Calendar

What makes 2016 Pirelli calendar so different and momentous

The women in the list are better known for the resumes, rather than their reluctance to stay clothed.


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Happiness, Family, Office, Life

Feel no shame. Wrong is sometimes right too

We all are learners, nobody is perfect.


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Tamil Nadu, Indian Army, Chennai Floods

We're with you, Chennai: 15 images of floods that will drown you in tears

Indian Army and NDRF rescue thousands stranded while locals go all out to help their rain-ravaged brethren.


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Social Media, Bollywood, Paintings

Why I decided to make a living out of selling portraits of Bollywood stars

I still enjoy watching the unreal 'Amar Akbar Anthony' and 'Karma'. It makes me feel nostalgic.


 |  Wild Ways  |  6-minute read
Global warming, Unfccc, COP21, Climate change

It's no longer okay to 'adjust' to climate change

We need to be united in saying that we deserve a clean environment, something which is squarely within the ambition of climate change negotiations.