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Story Posted on 12-02-2016


 |  5-minute read
Global warming, Shale, Crude Oil

What if the world never runs out of oil?

We have more than enough crude to destroy the Earth through pollution, global warming and ravaging of all resources.


 |  5-minute read
Narendra Modi, AAP, JNU

Take it easy Mr Modi, student power is dead

Youth protests in the digital age are short-lived, the anger self-limiting.


 |  1-minute read
Body image, Beauty

10 people who went too far to get the perfect body

From breast enhancement surgeries to hair implants, these individuals spent a fortune over their obsessions.


 |  IST  |  2-minute read
UPA 2, Narendra Modi, Congress, Manmohan Singh

5 takeaways from Manmohan Singh's first interview after demitting office

'The public expects the PM to take the lead in managing public opinion. But Modi has never spoken.'


 |  2-minute read
Wildlife, Animal Cruelty, Marine Life, Sperm Whale

This image of dead Sperm Whales will break your heart

The photo is reminiscent of ants to a corpse, not of one intelligent species mourning the loss of another.


 |  Paradigm shift  |  6-minute read
Fitness, Health, Yoga

You don't need technology to live a long life, yoga will do

Controlling age-related body changes has been an important concept for practitioners of meditation.


 |  6-minute read
Ishrat Jahan, Secularism, David Headley, Constitution

Headley's revelation on Ishrat Jahan exposes 'seculars'

Their meaningless opposition is entirely focused on defaming Modi by abusing the much maligned tenet in the Constitution.


 |  10-minute read
Arun Jaitley, Narendra Modi, Budget 2016

10 decisions Arun Jaitley must take in Budget 2016

This article has been co-authored by Suryakiran Tiwari and Subhash Chandra.


 |  3-minute read
Einstein, Universe, Gravitational Waves

Everything you wanted to know about Einstein's gravitational waves discovery

These 'ripples' will allow us to observe universe in a way like never before.


 |  5-minute read
Prostitution, British Raj, Caste, Muslims

Marginalisation, privilege and caste among Indian Muslims

Those unwilling to produce for the glory of the empire were branded as 'criminals'.