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Story Posted on 27-02-2016


 |  2-minute read
Patiala House Court, JNU, Kanhaiya Kumar

[Watch] Beaten, almost stripped in presence of police in court premises: Kanhaiya Kumar

'I identified my attacker, but the cops let the culprit go.'


 |  4-minute read
Haryana, Indian media, Jat Agitation, Murthal Highway Gang Rapes

Ignoring Murthal highway gang rapes is our national shame

While Delhi media slept, politicians were busy debating 'Durga versus Mahishasur' in Parliament.


 |  7-minute read
BJP, Mayawati, Smriti Irani, UP Assembly Polls

Smriti Irani, Varun Gandhi or Hindutva: Who will be BJP's face in UP polls?

Will Narendra Modi bank on defiant leaders or look at the larger goal of capturing power in 2019?


 |  3-minute read
Patriarchy, Mahishasur, Sex worker, Durga

How patriarchy makes ‘sex worker’ a term of abuse

The Goddess as a free woman discomforts many, who cannot bear to see any female, divine or otherwise, in positions of power.


 |  4-minute read
JNU, Smriti Irani, Parliament

Smriti Irani won't weep for the real Bharat Mata

Her patriotism silently ignores the unholy nexus of 'netas' that strips the citizens of their rights.


 |  4-minute read
Mahishasur, JNU, Rohith Vemula, Smriti Irani

Exposing Smriti Irani's lies

The HRD minister's claims have been countered by relevant stakeholders whom she quoted in her speeches.


 |  4-minute read
Carol, Hollywood, Mad Max, Oscars 2016

5 unexpected wins to look forward to at the Oscars

It is highly unlikely but there's no harm in wishful thinking.


 |  6-minute read
Muslims, Islamophobia, US Presidential Elections

Why I am grateful to Trump and his Islamophobia

The rise of the Presidential hopeful can be the catalyst for the launch of a broad based alliance to protect pluralism in the US.


 |  1-minute read
T20 cricket, Asia Cup, Cricket, IndVsPak

#IndiaVsPakistan: Pre-match medical check-up

Just what the doctor ordered!


 |  The Pulp Pit  |  4-minute read
Steven Spielberg, Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscars 2016

Oscars 2016 is about money, not race stupid

It is part of grand showcase that Hollywood sets up to garner bigger business, and the nominations reflect just that.