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Story Posted on 05-03-2016


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Kamla Bhasin, JNU, Kanhaiya Kumar, Azadi

Kamla Bhasin on why 'azadi' was never Kashmir's alone

It was as a war cry against patriarchy, demanding equal rights for women through its foot tapping rhythm.


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JNU, Left, Kanhaiya Kumar

How Kanhaiya Kumar went from 'anti-national' to freedom icon

We have learnt to speak the truth to power. There will be more to come.


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Ultra-nationalism, Patriotism, JNU, Kanhaiya Kumar

Rs 11 lakh for Kanhaiya Kumar's head, 5 for his tongue. Tolerant India?

BJP youth wing leader expelled for announcing prize for silencing JNUSU leader. Twitterati angry.


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Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Kishor, UP Elections 2017

Can Prashant Kishor help Rahul Gandhi save face in UP?

Batting for Congress, this time the Indian Chanakya has to make the dark horse win.


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Northeast, Azadi, Kanhaiya Kumar

Azadi for Kanhaiya won't end terror for Kashmiris, Dalits or Northeast

Will the 'freedom in India' the PhD scholar talks of be extended to the Adivasis and other oppressed, or will it remain an empty slogan?


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Hollywood, Deepika Padukone, Oscars, Priyanka Chopra

Oscars red carpet makes all the difference for Bollywood divas

After Priyanka's glamorous debut, Deepika Padukone is possibly getting her agent to set up a date for next year


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JNU, Rohith Vemula, Richa Singh, Allahabad University

After Rohith and JNU, we are ABVP's next target: Allahabad University student leader

Richa Singh, who faces a varsity probe, had launched a massive agitation to protest BJP MP Adityanath's entry into the campus.


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Coal Scam, Constitution, Human Rights, Supreme Court

Supreme Court is a symbol of a tolerant, liberal India

With progressive judgments, it has historically prevented legislative majority rule from sliding into majority tyranny.


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Bollywood, Smriti Irani, JNU

India's patriotism starts with saas-bahu and ends in Bollywood

I blame celluloid and its mawkish plots and maudlin lovesick songs for instilling a perpetual victimhood in the Indian public.


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JNU, Sedition, Kanhaiya Kumar

Dangers of making Kanhaiya Kumar a cult hero

We are going into overdrive by looking forward to him leading us to some kind of a deliverance from the 'ills' that face society.