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Story Posted on 09-06-2016


 |  6-minute read
Barack Obama, India-China Ties, Nuclear Suppliers Group, Modi in America

Modi's US visit was a personal victory, but India's loss

By flaunting 'military cooperation' with America, PM has pushed China to be openly antagonistic.


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Gender Inequality, Rape Culture, Sexual harassment

[Viral] It's her fault? A chilling poem on rape culture

Liz Ruddy's 'open letter to the guy at work' is a scathing take on how sexual harassment gets perpetuated in office.


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Pakistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, China-Pak Relations

CPEC and Pakistan: The curious case of Gilgit-Baltistan

The biggest question that lies at the heart of granting G-B a constitutionally binding provincial status, is the issue of Kashmir.


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Sexual harassment, Stanford Rape Case, Gender Discrimination

Men have a future, women have a past

The 'boys will be boys' culture extends to condoning each crime they commit.


 |  Wild Ways  |  5-minute read
Wildlife, Prakash Javadekar, Maneka Gandhi, Animal Cruelty

Maneka Gandhi is right, government's 'lust for killing' animals is wrong

Prakash Javadekar's environment ministry has give permission to states to start animal culling.


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Pahlaj Nihalani, Censor Board, Drug Abuse, Udta Punjab

Let Udta Punjab fly. It has dared to look at the enemy within

You will never get a taste of that freedom of watching an unfiltered, uncensored film.


 |  Angiography  |  6-minute read
Punjab Drug Menace, Anurag Kashyap, Udta Punjab, Pahlaj Nihalani

Jackie Chan the dog and all the other cuts we want of Udta Punjab

Close-up shots of yucky syringes give you the AIDS. Any permutation of kutte strictly copyrighted.


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Muslims, Mayawati, UP Polls

Why Muslim voters will desert Mulayam in favour of Mayawati in UP

This article had been co-authored by Amitabh Tiwari and Subhash Chandra.


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Censor Board, Punjab Drug Menace, Udta Punjab

It's not drugs, it's politics behind censoring Udta Punjab

It’s just a movie telling a story that everyone already knows: the true, ugly face of Punjab as it is today.


 |  3-minute read
Eknath Khadse, Maharashtra, BJP

5 reasons Raosaheb Danve is unfit to lead Maharashtra BJP

He has no idea about his own party workers and isn't even kept in the loop by his bosses.