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Story Posted on 29-09-2016


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Indian Army, Pakistan, Surgical strikes

Indian Army's surgical strikes much-needed face-saver for Modi government

India’s policy on Pakistan was reeking of incoherence as it swung from one extreme to the other.


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Uri attack, Pakistan, Surgical strikes

India hits back: 5 reasons why Army's surgical strikes were historic

The so-called red lines that could spark a nuclear response from Pakistan have been tantalisingly and visibly quaked.


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Music, Films, Bollywood

When Bollywood nearly did away with its singing and dancing

Unfortunately, the failure of 'Agneepath' and the arrival of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan put an end to this experimentation.


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Pakistan, Indian Army, Uri attack, Surgical strikes

All you need to know about Indian Army's surgical strike in PoK last night

Special Forces crossed the Line of Control and cleared about five 'terror launchpads' within 500 metres to 2km in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.


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Women, Durga Puja

Strange rituals of Bengali women during Durga Puja, explained

Strictly the preserve of those hanging successfully on to a husband, the rites go by the name of stri-achaar.


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Uri attack, Pakistan, Indian Army, Surgical strikes

Indian Army's surgical strikes should make Pakistan think twice before trying another Uri

New Delhi has proved that it has military capability to strike at targets across the LoC, which will have a cautionary effect on terrorists.


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TV News, Indian media

What's missing in Indian news channels

There are a few simple steps they can take to make their bulletins more palatable.


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Uri attack, Pakistan, Indus Waters Treaty

Indus Waters Treaty: Turning off the taps to Pakistan

Not only is Islamabad running out of water, it seems to be soon running out of time.


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Surgical strikes, Army, India-Pak, Uri attack

Uri avenged? Indian Army's surgical strikes send Twitter beyond line of no control

While the routine briefings were being announced on live television, the political fraternity sounded a nationalist "Yippie" in unison.


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Bollywood, Beauty, Sonam Kapoor

Can Sonam Kapoor dare to show how she woke up?

Will she be okay revealing her love handles, pimples, facial hair, dark circles?