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Story Posted on 15-11-2016


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Kerala, Stray Dogs, Animal abuse, Maneka Gandhi

Malayalis to Tamil actors: Don't just outrage over stray dog culling, adopt them

The so-called advocates of strays conveniently forget to think of those who are less fortunate — the homeless.


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Demonetisation, Black Money

Why is Modi betraying panic after demonetisation?

His nervousness and panic response to a situation arising out of the drive brings in focus the brittle and erratic nature of his decision making.


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Urban poor, Middleclass, Currency change, Demonetisation

Modi's demonetisation has hit the urban poor, millennial worst

You have deprived me of my fundamental right to Starbucks, good sir!


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Demonetisation, Black Money

Debunking myths about Modi's demonetisation drive

There are but several deep concerns the PM must address.


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Rupee, Sensex, Demonetisation

4 reasons why markets will crash further

The demonetisation drive announced by the Narendra Modi government has created a severe cash crunch.


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Black Money, Demonetisation

Panic, chaos, excitement, but India has welcomed Modi's demonetisation drive

I conducted a WhatsApp survey.


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Black Money, Poverty, Demonetisation

Will demonetisation drive reap what PM Modi is sowing for India's poor?

Those who defend the move and those who damn it are divided by their common hysterical love for the downtrodden.


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Currency change, Demonetisation, Heeraben, Narendra Modi

Banking on the mother: Modi's surgical strike on political photo-ops will leave you speechless

Heeraben is someone we get to see once or twice every year, whenever the PM needs to humanise himself.


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Web app, ATM, Currency change, Demonetisation

Rejoice! This ATM finder app is your survival kit in these cash-strapped times

The days of you bouncing from one empty vestibule to another have finally ended. But there's a catch.


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United Nations, Children's Day

Why this is a historic moment for India's children

The country has vastly improved its performance on various indices such as infant mortality, literacy rates and maternal mortality.