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Story Posted on 17-12-2016


 |  5-minute read
Demonetisation, Modi government, Rahul Gandhi, Parliament

How will Rahul Gandhi, the whistleblower, explain his meeting with Modi?

It remains to be seen if the Congress vice president can come up with explosive corruption charges against the PM.


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Demonetisation, Congress, Rahul Gandhi

Why has Rahul Gandhi committed political hara-kiri after thundering to expose Modi?

Dangerously for the Congress, it can be misconstrued as an attempt to soften the PM's stance in the AgustaWestland probe.


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Black Money, Demonetisation, Income Tax

Why can't India change the income tax slabs?

It's rather unfair to see that those earning Rs 10 lakh and those earning Rs 10 crore pay the same percentage of tax.


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Income Tax, BJP, Demonetisation

Shameful hypocrisy to exempt political parties from tax scrutiny of their ill-gotten gains

Tax exemption for deposits in old notes of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 for parties means black money might have been given a fresh lease of life.


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Demonetisation, Indian soldiers, Indian Army, National Anthem

Yes, they are right. Indian Army can make you feel better about yourself

Close your eyes, hold back that tear and think about the soldier.


 |  9-minute read
Caste Politics, Reservations, Indian Muslims

Is Muslims demanding a 5 per cent quota in Maharashtra unconstitutional?

Economic backwardness is a bitter reality for the community and the state can’t run away from it.


 |  4-minute read
Uttar Pradesh, Alliance, Congress, Samajwadi Party

Is SP-Congress alliance a reality in the making?

Drubbing in UP may shatter Modi’s invincible image


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Selfielove, Japan, Selfie stick, Selfies

Selfies have made us stars of our own glamour shoots and reality shows

You don’t even need to talk to a stranger to take your photo anymore.


 |  4-minute read
Heroin, Opium, Udta Punjab, Rajasthan

Why is no one talking about Udta Rajasthan?

It's not Punjab alone that is awash with drugs, border districts in Rajasthan are facing a similar problem


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Escapism, Hare Krishna Hare Ram, Dev Anand, Bollywood

Why Bollywood doesn't reflect the India as we know it anymore

Films are a reflection of a filmmaker's persona as much as they are of the times that they were made in.