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Story Posted on 04-01-2017


 |  4-minute read
Twitter, Retires, Mahendra Singh Dhoni

On Twitter, Dhoni is bid goodbye with tears and laughter

He gave the Indian Cricket Team a whole new dimension.


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T20I, ODI, Retires, Captain

Indian cricket won't be same without Dhoni. Thank you, Captain Cool

Dhoni is the second Indian captain to have won India a World Cup, after Kapil Dev.


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LGBTQ, Sexual assault

What news of a 'man drugged and raped' says about being gay in India

Homosexuals have a long battle ahead in this country.


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Digital India, Narendra Modi, App, BHIM

Is PM Modi's BHIM app the best thing to happen to India since demonetisation?

Well, it has the potential to be a game-changer.


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Assembly elections 2017, Muslims, Uttar pradesh elections 2017

Wooing Muslims won't help any party this UP Assembly elections

If the 2014 general elections are anything to go by, the atmosphere in the poll-bound state is going to be toxic.


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National Anthem, India, Patriotism

I really hope Indians become more patriotic in 2017

Loving your country is all about entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!


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Bangalore molestation, New Year's Eve, Women's safety

Bangalore molestation incident is a grim reminder of India's fragile masculinity

The time of the day, or night, when a woman should be outside her home or inside, is dependent on only one thing. Whenever she chooses to be.


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Restaurants, Service charge

Why restaurants adding service charge to bill should be declared illegal

To tip or not is entirely the discretion of the customer, satisfied or dissatisfied.


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Okram Ibobi Singh, Naga problem, Manipur elections

Why is India ignoring Manipur crisis?

Issues stirring in the north-eastern part of the country scarcely hit national headlines.


 |  3-minute read
Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Assembly elections 2017

Why Punjab - and not UP - will determine the course of national politics

If Uttar Pradesh will test the popularity of Modi after demonetisation, Punjab is going to decide who will be PM's strongest rivals in 2019.