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Story Posted on 09-03-2017


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Uttar pradesh elections 2017, Narendra Modi, BJP, Exit Polls

Exit polls 2017: India is back to Modi wave, but no Congress-mukt Bharat yet

The big victories expected in Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Uttarakhand are going to tilt the scales heavily in BJP’s favour during Lok Sabha 2019.


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Assembly Polls 2017, Uttar pradesh elections 2017, Exit Polls

Twitter reactions to exit polls 2017

Are exit polls any better than astrology or a parrot picking up a random card that holds your future?


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AAP, Punjab Polls, Assembly Polls 2017

Punjab owes AAP for making the elections count

As the poll results are set to be announced on March 11, the excitement is only increasing.


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India, Self-reliance, Poverty

There are many policies, not enough people participation

Distribution of monetary incentives alone cannot achieve economic and social development.


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Indian Constitution, UAPA, Terrorism

How Unlawful Activities Prevention Act has eaten up fundamental rights and freedoms

The repeal of POTA was indeed an eye-wash.


 |  3-minute read
Punjab Polls, Uttar Pradesh polls, Assembly Polls 2017

Why exit poll won’t decide who’s winning 2017 Assembly elections

On innumerable occasions in the past, media honchos and experts have got it terribly wrong.


 |  7-minute read
Punjab Polls, UP Assembly Polls, Assembly Polls 2017

Live analysis: Which party is winning Assembly elections 2017

It's time to give you a sense of which way the wind blew .


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Tow-truck, Traffic police, Kanpur

Why the Kanpur man refused to get off his bike while it was being towed

Just another day in Uttar Pradesh? Just another day in Uttar Pradesh.


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Mughals, Europeans, Colonialism, Indian History

Why Roy Moxham's new book, The Theft of India, leaves you disappointed

[Book review] And this despite the fact that the book paints an 'unflattering picture of the civilised West as it stripped India of its riches'.


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BJP, Uttar Pradesh polls, Assembly elections 2017

BJP looks likely to win UP elections

Reverse consolidation was witnessed from the second phase onward.