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Story Posted on 28-03-2017


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India-Afghanistan ties, Af-pak, Afghanistan, Chabahar port

India should see Chabahar Port for the game changer it is

There should be little doubt that Pakistan would deploy means to disrupt a Chabahar-pivoting India-Iran-Afghanistan alliance.


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President of India, Mohan Bhagwat, BJP-Shiv Sena

What Shiv Sena plans to achieve by proposing RSS chief’s name for president of India

The party’s new-found love for Mohan Bhagwat is also a surprise.


 |  13-minute read
BJP, Indian Muslims, Triple Talaq

BJP affidavit on triple talaq is part of saffron agenda - even Muslim women are jittery

It is using the issue and the BMMA campaign as a tool for wholesale changes in Islamic rules.


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Parliament, Narendra Modi, Corruption, Lokpal

Government defeats Modi's 'anti-corruption' plan by not appointing Lokpal

Hiding behind pending amendments regarding definition of the leader of Opposition in the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 is unacceptable.


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BJP, Northeast, Beef Ban, Nagaland

BJP's 'no beef ban in Northeast' exposes its hypocrisy

In reality, trying to allay fears of the region, the saffron party has revealed the fault line in its Hindutva project in UP.


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Memes, Yogi Adityanath

10 Yogi Adityanath memes that can get you arrested

May the memes never end.


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Sangh Parivar, LK Advani, Najma Heptullah, President of India

Who will be India’s next president?

For the first time in the nation's political history, it's the BJP that is now set to have a candidate of its choice elected as head of state.


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Ind VS Aus, Ajinkya Rahane

How Rahane’s silence shut the Aussies up

In a series of twists and turns, it was the unlikely leadership of Kohli’s deputy that out-thought the opposition.


 |  6-minute read
Greater Noida, Afrophobia, Nigerians, Racism

Racist attack on African students in Greater Noida is both sad and hypocritical

As black students share clips of violence, placards saying ‘Nigerian-free Noida’ have been reportedly seen.


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Commonwealth, Theresa May, UNSC, Brexit

India's Brexit opportunity: Can claim UN Security Council seat

India has wasted years lobbying politely to take its rightful place at the table, but it can now make an irrefutable moral and political case to supplant Britain.