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Story Posted on 10-05-2017


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Twitter, India Tour, Justin Bieber

Not a fan of Justin Bieber? At least you can have a good laugh at his expense

Indian Twitter has been going crazy with Bieber jokes.


 |  Know Your Enemy  |  2-minute read
Indian Army, Kashmir, Burhani Wani, Ummer Fayaz

Why I compared Burhan Wani with Indian Army's slain Lt Ummer Fayaz

If the militant's death could spark a season of manipulated turmoil in the Kashmir Valley, could the murder of the young army officer turn the tide?


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Russia, Donald Trump, FBI, James Comey

Why firing FBI chief will spell disaster for President Trump

Even if he comes up with an impeccable replacement, the downhill appears to have begun too fast.


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Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, French presidential election, Europe

Europe continues to romance anti-Islam forces despite Macron's win in France

The French president-elect has just won a battle, but is yet to win the war.


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Nirbhaya, Rape, Crimes against Women

Nirbhaya verdict: Why is Modi govt dragging its feet over national registry of sex offenders?

In absence of a database, monitoring these criminals and their activities is virtually impossible.


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Kashmir Militancy, Murder, Kashmir, Ummer Fayaz

Murder most foul: India comes together to mourn Lt Ummer Fayaz's death

The heinous killing of this young army officer has been condemned by everyone across the board.


 |  10-minute read
Indian Muslims, Prophet Muhammad, Islam

The Brahmins among Muslims we don't talk about

Justification of casteism is a direct attack on Prophet Muhammad's life and an injustice to Islam's ideals and teachings.


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Afghanistan, Pakistan, Terrorism

How India can bleed Pakistan over Kabul-Islamabad tensions

The clashes along the Af-Pak border drew a worried response from China.


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Rape, Patriarchy, Women, Mythology

What these 4 women characters from Indian mythology tell us about rape culture

Time we relook at patriarchy because it's directly linked to sexual crimes against women.


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Narendra Modi, Akshay kumar, Twinkle Khanna

When liberal misogynists 'insist' Twinkle Khanna must share husband Akshay Kumar's ideology

Whether it is the Left or the Right, patriarchal beliefs and values are shared equally by men in India.